APD reports rash of vehicle B&E’s

Published 10:42 am Monday, August 7, 2017

AHOSKIE – The Ahoskie Police Department is warning town residents about a recent rash of vehicle break-ins.

Police Chief Troy Fitzhugh reported that at least seven break-ins have taken place over the past several weeks. Those crimes have occurred in different locations throughout town, to include three on Albemarle Drive, and one each on Berkley Road, West Main Street, East Memorial Drive and Peachtree Court.

“In the majority of these cases, the vehicles that were burglarized were left unlocked, given the thief or thieves easy access,” Fitzhugh said.

The Police Chief added that these petty criminals are looking for smaller items that can be quickly sold to make a profit. Cash and coins left inside a vehicle are also the targets of these thieves.

“I would advise vehicle owners to lock their cars/trucks whenever and wherever they are,” Fitzhugh said. “At night when your vehicle is parked outside your home, please consider removing any valuable items and keep them secured inside your home.”

In the meantime, Fitzhugh said the Ahoskie Police will increase foot patrols throughout town at night in an effort to deter criminal activity such as vehicle break-ins.

“I would also advise our citizens to keep an eye out for any type of suspicious activity within their neighborhoods,” he stressed. “If you see someone lurking around your vehicle or around your neighborhood, call 911 immediately and let us handle it.”

Other tips that will help deter petty thieves looking to make a quick buck by stealing items inside your vehicle:

Consider storing valuable items in the trunk of the car;

Store stereo faceplates in the glovebox. Thieves are unable to sell a stolen stereo without a faceplate;

Think about investing in a vehicle alarm system. If that proves too costly, auto supply stores sell small blinking lights (similar to those attached to a real alarm system) that can be attached with Velcro to the dashboard. Thieves will mistake that light for a real alarm system;

Chain down spare tires, and leave a portion of the chain exposed (thieves hate chains and locks….takes too much of their time);

Park vehicles in well-lit areas during nighttime hours; and

Consider installing motion sensor lights on the exterior of your home (like chains; thieves hate a well-lit area, especially one that lights up when their motion activates it).

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