Northampton flooding occurs in eastern end of the county

Published 10:40 am Monday, September 26, 2016

CONWAY – Northampton County Emergency Management Director Ronald Storey said Friday the county got about nine inches of rain from this week’s storm but suffered only minor damage.

“We didn’t get hit as hard Bertie and Hertford counties,” Storey said.

He said there was still some water standing on some roads, but on Friday there were only six roads still closed and some of them were closed so the Department of Transportation could make repairs.

The Doolitttle Mill Road near Milwaukee, for example, had the shoulder of one side washed away earlier in the week when the water in the mill pond spilled over the road. DOT was building up the shoulder Friday to make it safer.

Roads that still had water washing across were much diminished, Storey said. The Deberry Mill Road had some water near Zoar Missionary Baptist Church, but on Friday it was only an inch or two deep.

Storey said no one was seriously injured because of the light flooding. There were some cars in ditches, but no serious injuries.

He also said there was little debris to clean up, so the county is not ramping up pick up. Some towns might offer that service because of fallen leaves. A pecan tree is said to have fallen in Conway, which suffered no other damage.

Storey said any problems happened in the east end of the county. There were no problems in the west.