K-9 sniffs out B&E suspect

Published 9:07 am Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WINDSOR – Twice, it turns out, is not so nice.

A Windsor man’s brazen second attempt to break into the Town of Windsor’s Electrical Plant has resulted in his arrest, while an investigation revealed this was not his first effort.

Jeremy Bayse of 113 South Queen Street in Windsor was arrested at the scene Oct. 24.  Later, a police investigation revealed he broke into the same establishment just 10 days prior.

On Oct. 24, at 5 a.m. Windsor Police Officer Blake Mizelle was on routine patrol in the area of Water Street in the town when he observed a break-in in progress at the Town of Windsor Electrical Plant. Officer Mizelle called for assistance in securing the perimeter and officers from Windsor Police Department and the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to assist.

Once the area was secured, the Ahoskie Police Department was contacted with reference to mutual aid assistance in providing a K-9 to search the electrical plant and surrounding area.

Officer Clifton Whitby of the Ahoskie Police Department responded with his K-9 officer, Rico. Officer Whitby deployed his K-9 and within minutes the dog had located and secured the break-in suspect.

Bayse was arrested at the scene and transported to VidantBertieHospital for treatment of a minor dog bite to his arm.  Once discharged, Bayse was transported to the Bertie County Magistrate’s Office where he was charged with breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, and conspiracy to commit breaking and entering.  Bayse was then placed in the Bertie Martin Regional Jail under an $80,000 cash bond.

A follow-up investigation revealed Bayse also committed a break in at the Town of Windsor Electrical Plant on Oct. 14. Following the investigation, Bayse was charged on Oct. 27 for the incident on the 14th with breaking and entering and larceny after breaking and entering.  He remains confined in the Bertie Martin Regional Jail.

Bayse prior criminal record shows arrests for breaking and entering and thefts in both Hertford and Bertie counties.  Bayse’s first court date is set for Oct. 29 in Bertie County District Court.

“We would like to thank the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in securing the scene,” said Windsor Police Chief J. Todd Lane. “Deputy Dennis Little and Deputy Doug Jernigan quickly responded to the scene and helped secure the area and their assistance was instrumental in keeping the suspect confined.”

Lane went on to also praise the assistance of the Ahoskie Police Department, particularly officer Rico.

“We would also like to thank Officer Clifton Whitby of the Ahoskie Police Department for his assistance,” Lane added. “Officer Whitby and his K-9, Rico were able to locate the suspect in just minutes where a thorough search of the area by officers would have taken hours.”

“This was good police work by all involved,” the Chief continued. “Officer Mizelle was observant while on patrol and was able to secure the area until assistance arrived at which time it became a team effort.”

Lane said joint law enforcement efforts at times go unnoticed by the public, but are sometimes the most effective crime deterrent.

“This is a perfect example of how law enforcement agencies in rural areas can be very successful when working together,” Lane concluded.