Ahoskie attorney disbarred

Published 10:28 am Thursday, February 6, 2014

RALEIGH – An Ahoskie-based attorney has lost their license to practice law in the State of North Carolina.

Rosiland T. Grant surrendered her license on Jan. 21 in Raleigh during a proceeding conducted by The North Carolina State Bar. That surrender was accepted Jan. 24 by The North Carolina State Bar Council and an Order of Disbarment was entered.

According to information provided by the State Bar in a Feb. 3 letter to this newspaper, Grant surrendered her license based upon a pending investigation by the State Bar that she misappropriated at least $8,000 in entrusted funds.

In her sworn affidavit on Jan. 21, Grant said she was, “aware that there is presently pending an investigation regarding allegations that I misappropriated at least $8,000 of entrusted client funds. I acknowledge that the material facts upon which the investigation is predicated are true. My resignation is being submitted because I know that if charges were predicated upon the misconduct under investigation, I could not successfully defend against them.”

The State Bar’s website revealed that Grant was initially licensed to practice law on Aug. 21, 1982. Her law practice was established in Ahoskie (at an office located at 309 West Main Street) in 1988.