Incumbents dominate Northampton races

Published 11:10 pm Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apparently, registered voters in Northampton County municipalities are satisfied with their current leadership.

Unofficial results from Tuesday’s election show that incumbents were the top choice among area voters with most political veterans seeking a return to office without opposition.

In Conway, long-time Mayor Brian Bolton ran unopposed and collected 79 votes. For Conway Town Commissioner (five seats available), Willie G. Simmons (96 votes), Lance Jenkins (82), Gail C. Wade (69), Alan C. Harris (65) and James Thomas Jilcott (59) were the top vote-getters of those whose names were on the ballot. There were 133 write-in votes cast, but it was not known Tuesday night if there was a write-in candidate or candidates with more votes than Jilcott or Harris.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Northampton County Board of Elections was still pouring over a rather lengthy list of write-in ballots. Elections Director Susie Squire said those ballots would be finalized by 11 a.m. on Nov. 12, at which time the names on those ballots could be released to the public.

Woodland only had two seats available in this election cycle for Town Commissioner. Incumbent David L. Cooper won another term with 43 votes while former mayor Margaret E. Burgwyn was named on 22 ballots. Her election is unofficial as there were 23 write-in votes.

In Severn, incumbent Mayor George McGee ran unopposed and will see another term thanks to receiving 29 votes. Likewise for veteran Severn Town Commissioners – Eloise Martin topped that vote by being named on 27 ballots and will be joined at the table by R. Parker Watson Jr. (26 votes), Joseph Troy Holloman (26), Rita McKeown (25) and Tony Herman (22).

Incumbent Rich Square Mayor Doris (Peggy) Risper returns to office with 53 votes. She ran unopposed, as did the five candidates running for Town Commissioner – Charles Eason with 52 votes, along with 51 votes each for Linwood C. Bryant, Raymond Joyner, Marcia P. Majett, and Reginald White.

In Lasker, Stevie Flythe (21 votes) and 19 votes each for Charles M. Daughtry Jr. and Robin Gibson earned that trio the three seats on the Town Commission. Long-time Lasker Mayor Dick Collier ran unopposed and returns for another term with 21 votes.

Jackson voters had three choices for the three seats on the Town Commission. Earning those seats were Mary Ann L. Crawley (46 votes), Jason Morris (44) and Karin J. Clements (42).

Bobie N. Moss is Seaboard’s mayor, earning that seat with 119 votes. The leading vote-getters for the three Seaboard Town Commission seats were William M. Gallimore (109), Danny Hines (98), and Laquitta Barnes (86). Ruth M. Bek was named on 36 ballots. A write-in candidate (not known as of Tuesday night) won the unexpired term ending in 2015 on the Seaboard Commission.

Franklin L. Manning (83 votes) and Tony Hux Sr. (69) won the election for the two seats on the Gaston Town Commission. Also receiving votes were Alice Patrick Delbridge (43) and Ericia Niccole Garner Hawkins (39).

Jason Moore, running unopposed, won the Gaston Mayor’s seat with 90 votes.

In Garysburg, Mayor Roy L. Bell returns to office with 79 votes. He was unopposed. For Garysburg Town Commissioner, five seats were earned by Iris F. Williams (80 votes), Woodrow W. Harding Jr. (77), Lola S. Ausby (76), James M. Mayo (76), and Chemeka L. Williams (75).

Three seats from Northampton County were available for the Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District Board of Directors. They were earned by Paul W. Heaton Jr. (83 votes), James (Jim) Bailey (78), and Gene St. Clair (53). Dom Fenner placed fourth with 32 votes.

All votes from Tuesday’s election are unofficial until a canvass of all polling places involved is conducted by the Northampton County Board of Elections.