Market’s success built on teamwork

Published 10:59 am Monday, October 17, 2011

A wide assortment of vendors are on hand each Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in Windsor. There, the efforts of the town, Project H and the Roanoke-Cashie River Center have led to the overwhelming success of the market. Staff Photo by Thadd White

WINDSOR – Teamwork is the name of the game.

That’s true in life as well as in sports.

Teamwork has proved invaluable with the new Farmer’s Market opened in Windsor two weeks ago.

“Working together is the only way this happened,” Windsor Mayor Jimmy Hoggard said. “Project H had funds, but could not buy real estate. We had real estate, but didn’t have the funds for the project.

“Add on to that the willingness of the Roanoke-Cashie River Center to manage the market and we had the perfect storm,” Hoggard added.

The Windsor-Bertie County Chamber of Commerce originally started a Farmer’s Market on York Street across from Livermon Park and Mini-Zoo. The market was well-used, according to the mayor.

“The Farmer’s Market did well, but it didn’t have a roof,” he said. “That meant we were in a bad situation when there was inclement weather.”

Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller of Project H began discussions about getting their students involved in design through a grant the organization had secured. Talk quickly focused on providing a farmer’s market and the local organizations quickly worked together.

“We appreciate everyone involved in the project,” Hoggard said. “The River Center has been great and the students have worked very hard. We are especially appreciative of the work done by Matt and Emily. We wouldn’t have been able to see this project through without them.”

Such was the town’s appreciation for the work of Project H, Hoggard presented Pilloton and Miller a key to the city during the grand opening of the market.

In addition to having their students design the Farmer’s Market, the duo also worked diligently to build the facility, located on the front of the property owned by the Roanoke-Cashie River Center on West Water Street.

The market was placed there to allow the center to oversee the market.

“It’s a great thing for the town,” said Facility Coordinator Neil Moye. “It gives the people an alternative to buy fresher food and another avenue for crafts. I think it’s great to be able to talk to the person who actually grew the produce.”

Hoggard said he encouraged the people of Windsor to make use of the market.

“If you buy something at the Farmer’s Market, the money stays in the community,” he said. “If you go somewhere else out of town, the money doesn’t come back. As consumers, we need to think about what we buy and where we could be buying it.”

The Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday through Oct. 29 and will continue with specialty markets for the winter months. The first one is planned for Nov. 19.

More than 175 people came out to officially open the market.