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Ahoskie PD probes B&E’s

Published 5:51pm Sunday, July 7, 2013

AHOSKIE – Police here are investigating several break-ins, to include one involving a popular restaurant.

Ahoskie Police Chief Troy Fitzhugh reported that O’Connor’s Restaurant, located on Memorial Drive, was victimized by a break-in sometimes over the July 4th holiday.

“The break-in was discovered by the owner when he came to work around 5 a.m. on Friday (July 5),” said Fitzhugh.

The Police Chief stated that entry was made through a rear window of the restaurant. An undermined amount of cash was stolen.

Upon making the discovery, the owner immediately contacted the Ahoskie Police. APD Sgt. Justin Farmer, Sgt. Donald Cuff and Officer Clifton Whitby responded. They called in APD Lt. Detective Jeremy Roberts who is heading up the investigation.

The APD is also probing a rash of residential and vehicle break-ins in the Colonial Acres area. Fitzhugh said those break-ins have occurred over the past two weeks.

“We are asking the residents there to report anything they witnessed, to include a suspicious person or vehicle in that area of town,” Fitzhugh said.

Anyone with information on the O’Connor’s crime or the Colonial Acres case is asked to contact Lt. Roberts at 252-332-5012.

  • skippy1975

    Seems like Ahoskie is getting like VA. Every time the news comes on there’s always criminal activity going on.

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  • ThomasJefferson

    Now I hear a large amount of copper was stolen from the recycle place on south 13.

    Seems the only thing sleeping in this town are those that protect and serve.

    Shoot to kill and only speak to your lawyer!

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  • ThomasJefferson

    Nice that report on this B&E, but fail to mention all the cars and homes broken into in colonial acres….

    Whats up with this paper?

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