‘Waking up with a purpose’

Published 8:21 am Monday, August 19, 2013

Submitted Story

AULANDER – Lorraine Howard and daughters Mandy Brown and Atha Jatko sent 170 dresses recently to Mozambique and Zambia, Africa.

Howard, a local seamstress, the team has pulled together the Aulander community over the last few months to turn dozens of yards of donated fabric into beautiful, handmade little girls’ dresses. “Your Story Matters” is the theme of the dresses which will go with Rev. Dr. Laura Early, Lead Pastor of All God’s Children UMC, for distribution throughout villages in Africa.

“I chose the ‘Your Story Matters’ theme because I wanted the children receiving our dresses to understand how special they are and know their story really does matter,” explained Howard.

The Place of Possibilities or “P.O.P” located at 1144 Hexlena Road in Aulander, is home to Howard’s business – Lorraine’s Quick Stitch, and has also acted as home base for this project.

In an effort to make an impact not just overseas but within Bertie County as well, Howard welcomed in over 50 local children to assist in sewing many of the dresses to completion as a part of a summer literacy program also taking place at P.O.P. The children were able to learn the basics of sewing as well as tangibly participate in the concept of giving to those who are less fortunate.

“We chose to incorporate the kids because they have been given so much,” said Jatko. “It was a great opportunity for them to give back.”

The team’s motto is – “the perfect day: going to bed with a dream and waking up with a purpose.” Today, their purpose has stretched across borders and has made its way to clothing over one hundred African children otherwise lacking in every day wear.

“I have absolutely loved sewing these dresses for the children,” commented Brown. “It’s exciting that I get to send a little piece of my heart to Africa.”

Partnering with The Place of Possibilities, Howard looks to make the “Your Story Matters” dresses an annual project. A donation of $10 will support local business Lorraine’s Quick Stitch and send a dress to a child in need overseas. For more information, email sewing.lady114@gmail.com or call 252-345-1144.