‘Hammer’ suspect sought

Published 9:50 am Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MERRY HILL – Authorities are still seeking a man suspected of an attempted robbery here Friday.

Bertie County Sheriff John Holley said his officers are seeking a black male approximately 5’-10” and weighing around 190 pounds. The man is believed to have black hair that was braided. The suspect was last seen wearing a black toboggan, dark sweatshirt and baggy blue jeans.

He was driving an older-model green two-door sedan headed north into Chowan County on U.S. 17.

Sheriff Holley said a truck driver parked his 18-wheeler in the parking lot of the Black Rock Deli on Friday morning and prepared to enter the store to purchase food.

“When he got out of the truck, he saw someone walking near the highway on the Jeff White Road as if he had a cell phone beside his head,” Sheriff Holley explained. “The truck driver didn’t believe the man had a cell phone from what he saw, but went into the store anyway.”

Sheriff Holley said the driver purchased food and came out and returned to his truck at which time the suspect walked passed him.

“The driver heard something moving quickly in the rocks and he turned around and saw the guy was coming at him with a hammer,” the sheriff said.

After a scuffle, the suspect was thrown to the ground, but still managed to hit the truck driver with a glancing blow to the head with the hammer. The truck driver countered with a punch to the facial area which caused the man to drop the hammer and flee.

“The suspect vehicle was an older dark-green sedan that may have been a 80s or 90s model,” Sheriff Holley said.

The sheriff said anyone with information about the alleged robbery is asked to contact the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office (794-5330) or to call the sheriff personally at 724-1681.