Cal Bryant

Alternative meaning of fast food joint

As is so often the case, you can't fix stupid Read more | Add your comment

Age 21….just 40 years later

This past Sunday (June 22) marked the 40th anniversary of my 21st birthday. There was no major party at the Bryant homestead to mark the ... Read more | Add your comment

New graduates face uphill battle

Did you notice all the faces…did you read all the names? We here at Roanoke-Chowan Publications performed our annual salute to the current crop of ... Read more | Add your comment

Adding to the socks & ties collection

Somewhere within the mountain of boxes littering the spare bedroom of my home (still unopened from our move exactly one year ago) is a plaque, ... Read more | Add your comment

Southerner’s demise serves as wake-up call

I lost a close friend on Friday of last week. Its death wasn’t expected, even though it was over 125 years old. My old friend ... Read more | Add your comment