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No wonder Festus acted goofy

Even though I enjoy an ice-cold brew every now and then, I don't consider myself an expert on beer. Read more | Add your comment

Don’t worry….rather, be thankful

For the first time in a decade I won’t be spending Thanksgiving Day with my immediate family and it’s been a cause for melancholy. Read more | Add your comment

Too darn old to take a whoopin’

With all that took place on Friday in Paris, it made me stop in my tracks and shudder to think that same scenario could possibly ... Read more | Add your comment

Of Missouri, money, power & persuasion

Duke lost an ACC football game to Miami a couple of weeks ago on a wild play whose outcome, in retrospect, should never have been ... Read more | Add your comment

“Bridesmaid” makes it to the altar

On four previous occasions, Northeast Academy’s football team has stood at the door leading to the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association’s state championship game. ... Read more | Add your comment