Santa’s helper and wife share the gift of giving

Published 4:21 pm Friday, March 1, 2024

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To the Editor:

Giving thanks on Christmas Eve – Dec. 24, 2023

To: A Humanitarian Fire Fighter and First Lady

As Santa was making his stops across the world, his helper delivered a “Merry Christmas” in a local grocery in Ahoskie, NC.

While standing in line on a late Christmas Eve Day, I reached for my personal belongings to pay the tab. Embarrassed as I was, it wasn’t there.

In line behind me was Santa’s Helper and his wife, First Lady. As I was going to rush out to my car to track my trail, the cashier replied, “It’s paid for.” Embarrassed again, I said “Thank you!”

By then, I had made it to my car. I looked around after I had gotten ready to motor away, and there was Santa’s Helper and his wife, First Lady. They had my packages that I had left at the store checkout. They opened the car door and placed them inside, and said, “Merry Christmas.”

We then engaged in a conversation of introductions, him being the Chief Captain of Ahoskie Fire Department and his wife. A Blessing of Unity Shared!

This being Black History Month, as I recognize all… Not a Black man, not a White man, but a man! A man that fearlessly fights the fires, and doesn’t need a sprig from a long leaf pine to fan the flame.

Daisy Newsome