Julie Shields and Bearfield Primary are a perfect match

Published 4:46 pm Friday, July 5, 2024

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To the Editor:

When I moved here in 2013 I knew very little about the area except for my job.

After I got married and had my son I had to start thinking about where I would send him to school. I knew my options, but I am a product of public schools and have always been adamant about the fact that I wanted my son to be in Hertford County Public Schools. I think they are important, should be supported, and are vital for our community. So Bearfield Primary it was!

My son was an “on the cusp kid” – meaning he could have started early and been one of the youngest, or late and been one of the oldest, and I had no idea which would be a better fit. Do you know who helped me weigh my options? Julie Shields. She was open, honest, and shared personal experiences on how she made those decisions with her own son.

At the end of Kindergarten I wasn’t sure if he was ready for first grade. I had so many fears and anxieties about what his progress would look like. Do you know who talked me through every question and concern I had? Julie Shields.

I am only one parent of so many that Julie Shields has had these exact same conversations with – never once feeling like a burden or that my son and his education were an afterthought.

I am only one parent of so many that Julie Shields has made herself accessible to, more often than not, in what should be her personal time.

As a principal, Mrs. Shields is present and active. She is standing by the drop off line – rain or shine – every morning to greet the kids with a huge smile. She is walking the hallways and addressing each child and their family members by name. She spends time tailoring each classroom to specifically meet children’s needs to their teacher’s strengths. She is arriving early and staying late, even when buses have to do multiple drop offs – Mrs. Shields is there until the end.

Mrs. Shields is not only an exceptional principal, but she is a wonderful human being and she leads her school that way. She provides a space of love and safety for all of her children.

To lose Mrs. Shields at Bearfield would be a major loss for our community and school system. She is a shining star in the list of Principals for HCPS and I am so grateful for the love and kindness she has not only shown my son, but every child that has been lucky enough to walk through the doors of Bearfield.

My hope is that she will continue as Principal for as long as she would like – and I will continue to support and stand up for her just as she would do for any of her students.

I only wish I had had a principal like Mrs. Shields when I was growing up.

Caroline Eure