Working together for a better community

Published 4:18 pm Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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RICH SQUARE – Supporters from the town and across Northampton County came out to celebrate the Concerned Citizens of Rich Square as they officially cut the ribbon for their new meeting space.

The event, which was sponsored by the Northampton County Chamber of Commerce, was held on Nov. 30. The nonprofit group focuses on town revitalization, beautification, and other community projects.

Before the actual ribbon cutting, the group gathered in the empty lot beside their new location at 117 South Main Street. The building which once stood there had been torn down several years ago and the vacant space was left behind.

Gwendolyn Futrell, president of the Concerned Citizens group, explained that fixing up the corner lot was one of their original goals when they formed their organization about a year ago. The vision is to add murals and benches and other decorations to liven up the area.

“We want to do something to make it a better space,” she explained. “It’s the focal point of Rich Square because it’s right in the middle of town.”

Futrell added that they have plenty of ideas for other projects as well, and hoped more people would pitch in to help accomplish them.

There was no shortage of supporters at Thursday’s event who expressed well-wishes for the future.

“I can remember back in the day, all these buildings were filled,” said Robin Williams, referring to Main Street. “It’s feasible to do that again.”

NC House Representative Michael Wray said he looked forward to working with the town and the Concerned Citizens group. He noted that rural America – such as towns like Rich Square – are struggling for funding, but working together as a community can make a difference.

Rich Square town commissioners Raymond Joyner, Charles Eason, and Larry Godwin expressed similar sentiments.

“One thing that all small towns need to do is work together, so I’m looking forward to this,” Joyner said.

“The progress that y’all have made in a year’s time… it shows that y’all mean business,” Eason added.

He also said it was great to have a group of citizens bringing new suggestions and more ideas to the town board.

Godwin, who is also a member of the Concerned Citizens group, noted that improvements don’t happen overnight, but they’re working to accomplishment many different things.

“I think we’ve got an organization here that’s going to do wonders for the town of Rich Square,” said Judy Collier, Chamber of Commerce Director.

Collier also handed Futrell a donation for the group on behalf of someone who was unable to attend the event. The group does welcome donations to help them continue their revitalization and beautification efforts.

In addition to that focus, Futrell said they also want to help keep citizens informed about what’s going on elsewhere in the county too. They go to county commissioner meetings, for example, and then bring back information for people who aren’t able to attend.

Building up the community is the forefront of their mission, and Futrell noted that’s reflected in the organization’s logo itself.

“Our logo has different shades of hands, meaning everybody comes together as one. We live here together, and we work here together,” she concluded.

For more information about the Concerned Citizens of Rich Square, email