Municipal elections set for Nov. 7

Published 3:53 pm Friday, November 3, 2023

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The campaign clock is running out of time. This year’s municipal elections will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 7 with the polls open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Municipal races are held to elect representatives to local government – usually the mayor or town commissioner/council member. These elected officials make decisions throughout their term on municipal development, policing, water and waste services, local taxation, and other issues.

There are no municipal elections in Gates County this year, but there are a number of races on the ballot for citizens who live in towns throughout Bertie, Hertford, and Northampton counties.

To be eligible to vote, the voter must live in that municipality for at least 30 days before Election Day. Municipal voters will visit their regular polling place to cast their ballot.

Candidates who filed in Bertie County municipal races are as follows:

Askewville Mayor – Gloria Bryant

Askewville Town Commissioner – Nicholas Pritt, Michael Baker, Carla Sue Pesce, Kay W. Brantley

Aulander Mayor – Bryan A. Morings

Aulander Town Commissioner (full-term) – John Byrum, Phillip L. Thomas, David Clinton Conner, Tommy P. Hale

Aulander Town Commissioner (unexpired term) – Richard Jernigan

Colerain Mayor – Bill Harrell

Colerain Town Commissioner – no candidates filed

Kelford Mayor – Ahmad Vaughan, Randy D. Robtoy

Kelford Town Commissioner – Kenneth (KC) Cain, Michael A. Johnson, Sr., Timmy Eaton, Raymond S. Eaton

Lewiston-Woodville Town Council (At-Large) – Gary Parker, Jim T. Wiggins

Lewiston-Woodville Town Council (Lewiston District) – Shela Gilbert

Lewiston-Woodville Town Council (Woodville District) – L. Michelle Gilliam

Lewiston-Woodville Town Council (Lewiston District unexpired term) – Patrick Walton, Sr.

Powellsville Mayor – no candidate filed

Powellsville Town Commissioner – Camille Taylor, Hattie Askew, Carlyle Hoggard, Antonio E. Hoggard, James Gerald Waters

Roxobel Mayor – Gary Johnson, Alton H. Parker

Roxobel Town Commissioner – Dillon Pruden, Robert L. Phelps, Sharon L. Jones, Joseph E. Pittman, III.

Windsor Town Commissioner – Camille Holmes Rascoe, Cathy Wilson, Randy Walston

For any questions, contact the Bertie County Board of Elections at 252-794-5306.

Hertford County will hold municipal elections in every town this year except for Como. Candidates who filed in Hertford County municipal races are as follows:

Ahoskie Mayor – Weyling J. White

Ahoskie Town Council (Ward A) – Charles Simmons

Ahoskie Town Council (Ward B) – Donald Kirkland, Charles Reynolds, David D. Robertson

Cofield Mayor – June S. Wynn

Cofield Town Council – Dacia Jenkins, Stephen Lassiter, Hermea Pugh, Jr., Rhonda Taylor, Pamela Winborne

Harrellsville Mayor – Henry Nuss

Harrellsville Town Council – Deborah Baker, Thomas Grimes, Lisa Hunnicutt, Ronnie Revell, Sr.

Winton Mayor – Evans Heath

Winton Town Council – Blake Blythe, Danny Greene, Michael Hinton, Bessie Pierce, Orlanda Reed, Clifton W. Sexton, Emy Winstead

Murfreesboro Mayor – Hal Thomas, Peter B. Griffith, Sarah Whitley Wallace

Murfreesboro Town Council – Michael Bunch, James Byerly, Craig L. Dennis, James (Jimmie) Foster, Mitch Kelly, Jay Revelle, Michael Saner, Berna Lawrence Stephens, Bill Theodorakis, Gilbert Tinkham

David Brown also filed for Murfreesboro Town Council, but announced a few weeks later that he was withdrawing his candidacy.

For questions, call the Hertford County Board of Elections at 252-358-7812.

Candidates who filed in Northampton County municipal races are as follows:

Conway Mayor (unexpired term) – Walter Lee Duke, Jr.

Conway Town Commissioner (full-term) – Michael Johnson, Jeff Daughtry, Johnathan L. Martin, Stewart Woodard

Conway Town Commissioner (unexpired term) – Steven W. Walls

Garysburg Mayor – Roy L. Bell

Garysburg Town Commissioner – Semiko N. Jacobs, James Mayo, Rita C. Williams, Curtis Williams, Lola Ausby, Ky’Juan Faison-Mobley, Wallace Ransom, Iris F. Williams

Gaston Mayor – Deborah Lee James, Carlton Arp

Gaston Town Commissioner – Terrance Lamont Smith, Donald W. Conner, Christopher Jones, Kimberly Dickens, Gloria Motley Branch

Jackson Mayor – Monty Hux

Jackson Town Commissioner – Bill Futrell, Stevie Harrell, Garry Elliott

Lasker Mayor – Dick Collier

Lasker Town Commissioner – Joan Lassiter, Charles M. Daughtry, Jr., Steven Flythe

Rich Square Mayor – Reginald White, Rodney Majette, Victoria Newcombe

Rich Square Town Commissioner – Linwood Bryant, Raymond Joyner, Peggy Cary, Marcia P. Majett, Charles Eason, Larry Godwin

Seaboard Town Commissioner – Carmelitia J. Coleman, Verlene D. Stephenson

Severn Mayor – George McGee

Severn Town Commissioner – Eloise Martin, Marshall Lassiter, Parker Watson, Paige Pinnix, Tony Herman

Woodland Mayor – Randy Beale

Woodland Town Commissioner – Rickie Edward Morris, Barbara Outland

Northampton County residents who live in the Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District will also have the chance to vote for the district’s Board of Directors. Those candidates include James E. Kerr, II and Jon Baker.

For questions, call the Northampton County Board of Elections at 252-534-5681.

This year, voters will be asked to show a photo ID.

According to the State Board of Elections, most voters will simply show their driver’s license. But other photos IDs are accepted as well, including a state ID from the NCDMV (a “non-operator ID”), a US passport, an NC voter photo ID issued by a county board of elections, a college or university student ID approved by the State Board of Elections, a state or local government or charter school employee ID approved by the State Board of Elections, military or veterans ID card (with photo), and tribal enrollment card (with photo).

Voters who are 65 years or older may use an expired form of acceptable ID if the ID was unexpired on their 65th birthday.

If a voter does not have an ID, they can still vote a provisional ballot and fill out an ID Exception Form.

If a voter has an ID but forgets to bring it to their voting site, they can vote and then return to their county election office before the county canvass to show their ID to have their vote counted. The canvass occurs 10 days after Election Day.

More information about the new photo ID requirement is available at