The real joy of Christmas

Published 5:24 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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To the Editor:

Again, amid a throng of manic shoppers I reflect

On yesterday, the fire, the cedar tree

And friends who came and went – when there was

Laughter and respect

And carols sung, when peace began with me.

Amid the rush, the chaos, the confusion

Again, I pause, remember, reachin’ back

For one small fragment of that golden era

When there was peace and love in Santa’s sack.

Amid the egotism – the defiance

The Christmas that’s become no more than “presents I can get”

I pray someday, someway we’ll know the meaning

And feel, indeed, the joy I can’t forget.

Yes, again, within my mind, I visit Winton!

Again, I’m visualizing that hypnotic cedar tree,

Aglow with bubble lights and angel hair, icicles too!

Ahhh, etched within my heart ‘twill always be.

Oh, the ecstasy of singing Christmas Carols;

Hark The Herald Angels Sing, The Carol of the Bells.

And feeling, oh so real, the joy of Christmas,

While listening to the story that they’d tell.

Yes, that old, old story always makes me happy

The same ‘ol story told so many, many times before

Of shepherds, star, a baby in manger,

A story that tonight means so much more.

Yes, again, this wonderous season, I remember

Though moments filled with gladness sometimes sprinkle in the pain

Remembering those we love, no longer with us

Yet knowing that our loss is heaven’s gain.

Still grateful for the lessons that they taught us

To love, forgive, and keep God in your heart

That Jesus IS the reason for the Season!

For Peace on Earth, we all must do our part.

So now, again, this Christmas, I remember

The blessings that you all have given me.

The treasure of your kindness can’t be purchased in a store

The little things you do so graciously.

So, when you’re wrapping presents, warp forgiveness

And tie it with a bow of sheer delight

Remembering that Love wrapped in a manger

Just for you on that bright, Silent Night!

Merry Christmas!

Trinette Vaughan Sharpe