Kyokushin Karate students promoted in rank

Published 4:59 pm Friday, October 21, 2022

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MURFREESBORO – Several area students in Kenny Buffaloe’s Kyokushin Karate adult, teen, & youth classes held at VINFIT in Murfreesboro were recently promoted in rank.

Advancing in rank in Kenny Buffaloe’s Kyokushin Karate classes are, front row from left, Worth Villegas (8th Kyu/Blue Belt), Camden Disney (8th Kyu/Blue Belt), Hailey Moore (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), Braylon DeLoatch (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), Mason Campbell (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), Reese Vinson (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), and Tony Branch (10th Kyu/Orange Belt). Back row, from left, are Daniel Hodges (9th Kyu/Blue Tip), Vladik Umanets (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), Madlynn Creighton (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), Cashton Sumner (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), Jaycob Long (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), Caylee Long (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), Noah Wheeler (10th Kyu/Orange Belt), and Sensei Kenny Buffaloe, Class Instructor. Not pictured is Ben Creighton (10th Kyu/Orange Belt). Contributed Photo

These ranks are officially recognized and endorsed by the International Kyokushin Karate Organization in Tokyo, Japan. Sensei Kenny Buffaloe is the official North Carolina Representative of this worldwide organization with over 20 million members in 168 countries.

In Kyokushin Karate, rank is very difficult to attain due to the high level and standards required for advancement. Students are tested on their technical abilities, attitudes, seriousness in training, fighting spirit and character.

In Kyokushin style karate, the Kumite (fighting portion of the test) is the most important requirement as 70 percent of the test is a full-contact fighting against multiple opponents consecutively without a break.

Sensei Kenny Buffaloe presented students with their new ranks in a formal “Promotion Ceremony” that was attended by students’ family members and friends.

For more information on Kyokushin Karate and area training classes, call or text (252) 589-4281, or email: