Time for a change

Published 4:46 pm Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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To the Editor:

On May 16, 2021, my family’s view of the world changed forever. My brother, Joshua Lee Wolverton, was murdered that day at 201 Pine Ridge Road in Ahoskie.

That day really opened my eyes to the injustice victims’ families endure not just when their loved one is murdered, but in the hell that follows when those elected or appointed continue to let victims down.

As we approach the one-year mark since my brother was murdered, my family has no more answers than the day he was murdered. The lack of communication and unprofessionalism from those elected or appointed has brought nothing but disappointment and frustration for my family.

My family reached out to DA Valerie Asbell’s office when my brother was killed and left our contact information in hopes to be in touch in the months ahead. After our first meeting with detectives in June 2021, we were told a meeting would take place shortly after with DA Valerie Asbell, the Chief of Police, and the detectives regarding the investigation. The meeting never happened, and we still to this day have not heard a single word.

I’m still waiting to hear from DA Asbell. The promised second meeting, which was to include the DA and Chief of Police, has never materialized.

I often wonder how many other families in Hertford County share that experience.

As voters, we are faced with the decision to elect a new District Attorney. I want anyone in this community that has not been through what my family and several other families have been through to imagine themselves in our situation before casting a vote.

The gun violence is out of hand in our community, and it’s not being properly addressed. We need a District Attorney that is going to evaluate the problems our communities are facing and actually implement change.

How many young men and women have to die for this to change?

There are too many murder cases in our area. Crime is more rampant than ever, and cases aren’t going to trial.

We need a District Attorney who will evaluate cases and try them.

The time for change is long overdue. My brother no longer has a voice to speak on the events that transpired on May 16, 2021. It is the job of our Police Department and DA’s Office to find out what happened to him and to do something about it.

Kayla Wolverton