Murfreesboro Council approves High Street paint bid

Published 5:50 pm Friday, November 19, 2021

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MURFREESBORO – Following recent requests from citizens to curb reckless driving on High Street, the Murfreesboro Town Council approved a bid during their regular meeting on Nov. 10 to repaint lines on the road.

In early October, several residents of High Street attended a town council meeting to explain their concerns and suggest some solutions to the problem. They said that people often use their road as a quick shortcut through town. They’ve grown increasingly worried about safety, not only in regards to property damage, but particularly for children who live in the area.

The group’s first suggestion was to repaint the faded lines on the road, in an effort to cut down on speeding motorists who often recklessly pass other vehicles on the street.

Street parking is available on one side of the street for much of the road, but all the lines have faded over the years to where they’re almost impossible to see now.

The council agreed at the early October meeting that something needed to be done to address the safety issue.

At their Oct. 27 meeting, the council tabled a bid for the High Street repainting project, asking the new Public Works Director James Brown to gather a few more bids to consider first. Like most other local governments, they usually compare prices from multiple bids before making a decision.

On Nov. 10, Brown reported that he had contacted multiple companies, some as far away as Petersburg, VA, but they all told him it’d be two or three weeks at least before they could provide a quote for the project. Brown explained that many of these companies are busy right now finishing up pavement projects before the weather gets too cold.

“It’s not the best to paint in the cold weather as well,” he added.

That left the council still with only one bid to consider from Clark Pavement Marking Inc. Their quote for the entire project would include repainting the single white parking line along with the double yellow center line for a total cost of $11,150.

Brown said that was a reasonable quote for the work.

“I think this is of vital importance,” stated council member David Brown.

Fellow council member Berna Stephens agreed, noting that she lives on High Street as well and has witnessed the reckless, fast driving herself. She said if they missed the season to do the work, it would be next year before it gets addressed.

Council member Sarah Wallace said she thought they needed more quotes because they’d never worked with that company before.

Town Administrator Carolyn Brown explained that the company is certified by the NCDOT to do this kind of work and other local businesses have contracted their services before.

David Brown motioned to accept the bid, and Stephens provided the second. The council’s vote was unanimously in favor.

As for other suggestions about reducing speeders on High Street, such as adding more signs or speed bumps, Mayor Hal Thomas said they were still looking into options for that.