Do your research before casting a vote

Published 5:49 pm Friday, November 19, 2021

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To the Editor:

Right or wrong, we go with what we are used to. As a Black woman from the small town of Harrellsville, this is experienced around the same time around election time when it is time to elect county commissioners or mayors.

It has come to the point where whenever elections come around, we sit on our couch and do no research, candidates don’t even have to really sell themselves in a way to make us vote for them. They know that we are going to vote for them because they’re what we are used to.

We as Black people should start to make candidates work for our vote, and as a small town we should pick people who will actually make a change. The people we vote for have been promising something to get the kids off the streets for years and nothing has changed for Harrellsville.

Even though politics is not my thing, change is. I don’t advocate or sponsor candidates or politicians, I advocate for change.

I want the people of Harrellsville and the people of Hertford County as a whole to do research on candidates and put the right people in the office, regardless of race, last name, or familiarity. All of these things have been the reason that no change has been brought to Harrellsville.

Dynecia Downing