Tethering ordinance needed in Northampton

Published 6:19 pm Friday, February 12, 2021

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To the Editor:

An animal welfare group appeared at the January Board of Northampton Commissioners meeting and spoke about the problems with dog owners chaining their dog.

I work with the ADFC Anti-Chain division and we have helped pass legislation at the local and state level on this issue. Many of our neighbors here in NC and VA tether their dogs outside responsibly for short periods and provide ample shelter and water. The problem is many more tether their dogs irresponsibly and it is impossible to enforce decency and humane actions without appropriate laws. Anti tethering laws are needed for the irresponsible owners and we have a lot of them in our county.

After hearing the presentation, the commissioners decided “the citizens should weigh in on this issue” and ultimately decide if anti-tethering laws are needed. I urge all people who care about the treatment of an animal in our community to please call the Commissioners in Northampton County or send an email to the clerk to the board at “Clerk.to.board@nhcnc.net” and support a tethering ordinance that would eliminate this inhumane treatment of many dogs in our community.

Please go to Youtube and type in “Dylan’s dog chaining law” to see a short video on why this legislation is necessary.

Conrad Mock