Saluting professionalism

Published 5:25 pm Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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To the Editor:

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to observe various local agencies in action, and I have found all to be very professional but also personable in their approach to their duties.

In late October, as I have for several elections, I participated in Early Voting. Although at the polls for long hours, workers treated each voter as if he or she were the most important person voting that day. All protocols were followed to ensure the safety of the voter and the security of the vote.

Then, on “the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November,” serving as an AP stringer, I was privileged to be at the Hertford County Election Headquarters and witness actions of that night. Anyone seeing the presentation of the ballots by personnel from the Hertford County Sheriff’s Office and their reception by officials of the Elections Board could/would not have questioned the integrity of the election.

Last week, being one of those lining up for vaccination to prevent COVID-19, I was able to see several agencies as they carried out their duties. The Hertford County Health Department, now a branch of Albemarle Regional Health Services, as well as Hertford County EMTs took care of administrative and medical needs, and local law enforcement were on hand if needed, but at least during the three hours I was there, they were not. The long line of cars snaked slowly but patiently and orderly from Camlin Street (extending not one block but at times the entire length of Camlin), edging along the side of Highway 42 to the turn onto Evans where they would finally make their way to the amphitheatre.

Often we are too close to the situation and maybe too self-absorbed to look at our friends and neighbors and realize how fortunate we are to be in the midst of them. We certainly do not take the opportunity to express our gratitude for them as they do their jobs or for the jobs done.

To those agencies named in this letter and many others, thank you for doing your job, doing it well, and having a smile behind your mask.

Sarah Davis