Conflicting beliefs in an election year

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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To the Editor:

I find that during election years my beliefs are always in conflict with each other.

  1. I believe that the American Flag is important and should be honored by standing and saluting when the national anthem is played, but as an American that truly believes in the Constitution everyone has the same right to protest with the flag as they believe.
  2. I believe that all Americans have the right to peacefully protest in the streets of the cities and towns they live, but no one has the right to destroy any property that doesn’t belong to them. At that time they become criminals and should be arrested.
  3. I believe in the right to life; God would not have created it if it wasn’t important, but I believe that women have equal rights to protect her body and choose as a man does.
  4. I believe in the right keep and bear arms, but they should be kept safely away from children and used for sport and to protect life and country from our enemies.
  5. I believe that most of the police are dedicated to do the right thing, but there are some that are closer to being criminals and will or have broken the law.
  6. I believe that “ALL LIVES MATTER.” God created all life so they all must matter, but many people think that only ones that look like who they see in a mirror are the ones that count.
  7. I believe that when told by the police to stop or get down you should do as you are told, but if you don’t and get injured or worse then your life didn’t matter to you so why should it matter to me?
  8. I believe that our politicians should tell us the truth, but I realize that is certainly a pipe dream that has no chance of happening.
  9. I believe that the news media should tell the news with no personal opinions or party spins, but I know that as long as advertising and corporate America is in control it will be what it is. It will be up to me to try and filter some kind of truth out of what is reported.
  10. Finally, I believe that as an avid hunter and fishermen I love all God’s creatures, but believe some are loved more on a plate with mashed potatoes and gravy or with tartar sauce, coleslaw and hushpuppies.

So, as an American, you can see there is no clear choice for me to choose in yet another presidential election. I, like most Americans, live in a more center of the scale between conservative and liberal politics. I believe that it is a crying shame that these are the best the United States of America has to offer as leaders of our Great Nation.

Yes….I believe America has always been great and will always be great no matter who leads our country for the short time we, as American voters, will allow them to stay in office.

Graham Twine