Vote for fairness, honor and trust

Published 3:26 pm Friday, February 14, 2020

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To the Editor:

We as individuals are different, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that to some degree we have differing views on what government, particularly local government, should do and how to do those things. But those differences are mostly on the margins.

All of us, I think, can agree government should provide services that individuals cannot provide individually for themselves: build infrastructure; provide public health, emergency and public safety services; provide opportunities for recreation, for our seniors and veterans; and seek to generate higher wage, sustainable employment opportunities.

I think we can also agree that there are things local government and elected local government officials should not do. Local officials should not use their position to seek personal gain for themselves, friends or business associates; should not change policies or make deals to benefit special interests; should not threaten or intimidate employees who object to those dubious dealings; and should not conduct business and make decisions behind closed doors, in closed session under the guise of protecting “the public interest.”

On Tuesday, March 3rd, the citizens of Northampton County will have the opportunity to make a change, and restore public trust in county government. Marcenda Rogers and Tim Hollowell are running for Northampton County Commissioner.

Like many of you, I’ve known Marcenda and Tim for years. Both are honest, well-respected individuals and are very worthy of your trust. Both will make decisions committed to serving the public interest rather than the private interest of a few. Both will do an excellent job of representing of us, and will do so openly and with great respect for the people of Northampton County.

When you vote, please cast your vote for hope, for competence, for fairness, for honor, for trust. On Tuesday, March 3, please consider casting your vote for Marcenda Rogers and Tim Hollowell for Northampton County Commissioner. They will serve you very well.

Wayne Jenkins