‘Peacemakers’ honored in Northampton

Published 6:26 pm Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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News Correspondent

JACKSON – It’s perhaps only fitting that a man of God turned to scripture to offer praise to those who have defended, and still defend, this great nation.

Reverend Dr. Glenn R. Orr, pastor at Allen Chapel AME Church of Jackson, was the featured speaker here Monday at a Veterans Day event hosted by Northampton County local government.

Orr is a retired Senior Chief Electronic Warfare Technician.

Two VFW members are flanked by Northampton County High School JROTC Cadets as they offer a salute to a wreath laid as part of Monday’s Veterans Day ceremony held in Jackson. Photo by Danny Bowman Jr.

Rev. Dr. Orr opened his remarks with a prayer, saying, “Part of our theme today is the motto of the Veteran’s Administration. It is taken from President Lincoln’s second Inaugural Address. Remember to care for those who have borne the battle and their widows and their orphans. So, remember to care and go a little further and commit to honor. When I say commit to honoring the service of Veterans by following the motto of the Veterans.”

He said his wife was teaching the children of their church a Bible verse from Matthew, Chapter 5/verse 9, which reads, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they are the children of God.”

He compared the soldiers now with the soldiers of Biblical times.

“When the soldiers were called in Biblical times, all the noise and trouble stopped at their presence,” he shared. “The soldiers today are also the peacemakers. They are called upon to keep the peace. They were peacemakers then and they are peacemakers today.

“In conclusion, I say to the Veterans, it matters to a higher service, continue to serve, be the problem solvers and the peacemakers,” Rev. Dr. Orr concluded.

Opening remarks at the ceremony, held in front of Northampton County’s historic courthouse, were given by First Sgt. George Reed, U.S. Army retired, followed by Northampton Sheriff Jack Smith, a retired U.S. Marine delivering the invocation.

The Northampton County High School JROTC Color Guard posted the Colors.

Pamela Brett, Branch Manager of the Northampton County Memorial Library, sang the National Anthem.

Reverend Dr. Glenn R. Orr, pastor at Allen Chapel AME Church, served as the guest speaker at Northampton’s Veterans Day event on Monday morning in Jackson.
Photo by Danny Bowman Jr.

Reed also led the Pledge of Allegiance following with the recognition of the Veterans. Each Veteran stood and stated their name and rank.

First Lady Yalana Orr introduced her husband as the guest speaker.

The laying of the wreath was performed by the JROTC. Taps was played by Cadet Patrick Branch of JROTC beside a vacant chair draped with a MIA Flag signifying lost and fallen soldiers.

Closing remarks were made by Reed.

Sheriff Smith concluded the ceremony with a benediction.

Everyone was dismissed and invited to reassemble at the Wellness Center for a dinner and program further honoring the Veterans.