Salute to our brave Veterans

Published 6:46 pm Friday, November 8, 2019

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Veterans Day ceremonies that will take place on Monday (Nov. 11) here locally and in other communities that dot our nation’s landscape from sea to shining sea, provide testimony to the high esteem we freedom-loving Americans feel for the men and women who have safeguarded our liberties and preserved our peace.

It is appropriate that Veterans Day grew out of Armistice Day – a day of peace through victory – because the ultimate goal of the military is to preserve and defend the peace and security of all Americans.

Those who now serve and those who have served in the past are heroes, not because of the glory in battle like the ancient Spartans, but because they desire a secure peace for their families and neighbors and fellow Americans so much they are willing to sacrifice their very lives for others.

On Memorial Day we honor those who have given “the ultimate sacrifice” for this great nation, but the men and women we honor on Veterans Day have also sacrificed for their nation for the precious freedoms most people take for granted.

Our veterans have manned the battlements to ensure that no nation can successfully wage war against us – all they can do is sneak murderers among us under the cover of darkness to kill innocents, hoping we will respond by limiting the liberties that make us vulnerable to their depraved assaults.

Our veterans have preserved the peace in this nation so that we can all sleep peacefully at night; only the personal turmoils in our lives causing any concern.

Our veterans have answered the call to war on those occasions when diplomacy has failed or madmen have forced us to protect freedom through armed conflict. Sadly, we are losing more and more of these selfless men and women each day. There are about 20 million military veterans in the United States right now, according to US Veterans Affairs Department statistics. The number is declining, mainly because of the aging of the World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War vets.

On Monday as we pause to remember the veterans who have saved the United States from the demons of war, we also honor the young men and women who are currently engaged in hostilities against the enemies of freedom and the military personnel who ensure we are protected from the monsters.

And if have yet to utter a prayer for those we send into harm’s way at outposts all over the world, Monday is a good time to do so….or any other day for that matter.

Thank you to all our military veterans for what you have done and to those of you that continue stand in defense and protect the freedoms we, as Americans, enjoy.

– The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald