Make America beautiful again

Published 6:34 pm Friday, August 16, 2019

To the Editor:

There is a great song we were taught to sing in our youth. It was titled America the Beautiful. We sang it in school, in church, and at a lot of social gatherings. I don’t know what happened to that culture, but it’s failing us now. I guess they don’t sing that in school, anymore.

About a week ago, I was traveling north on US 258 and thought I was running up on an accident scene as I saw a lot of big debris on the shoulder and ditch. As I slowed and got closer, I saw it was no vehicle, but a refrigerator, two sofas, and two ottomans. Someone, (I can’t label them like I’d like, because of FCC regulations) stopped and discarded them on our public highway. That’s a total disrespect for the beauty of our state and country.

What’s worse is a couple of days later, I went by and saw the refrigerator was gone. I stopped and noticed the drawers and spoiled food were still there. I guess some person saw it was a recycling opportunity and the refrigerator is on the way to becoming the front bumper of an automobile. That’s good, I guess.

Today, I go by and see the ottomans are gone. Also good, I guess. I plan to clean up the rest this week when I can get some help.

Another total disrespect for our scenery is the fact that people toss out tires, fast food boxes, bags, cans, bottles, those plastic bags that cling to everything, and whatever along our roadways.

You know it’s bad when the guys pick up trash before they mow the shoulders and you see large trash bags filled and sitting for pickup about every 100 yards. Really? Do people not care? Obviously not.

If you are reading this and are guilty, shame on you. Make America beautiful again please!

Miles L Carr, Jr.