‘Welcome Home’

Published 3:55 pm Sunday, May 12, 2019

MURFREESBORO – Chowan University President Dr. Kirk Peterson briefly addressed the Murfreesboro Town Council during their regular work session held here on May 8.

Peterson explained their proposal to replace Chowan University’s flags along Main Street to a more updated version. He said this idea was one of many the university had been developing with staff and students since the beginning of the school year.

“The only cost to the town is the manpower to put them up,” he stated, explaining the university itself would cover the cost to create the new flags. “If you do approve it, I think our printer capabilities should be up and running at any time.”

The flags will greet town residents and visitors with a “welcome home” as the main message, and will consist of two alternating color designs. One will have blue at the top and bottom with white in the middle while the other will have the color scheme swapped.

“That’s simply to draw the attention to something different each time,” Peterson explained. “I think they’re very classy-looking.”

Council member Billy Theodorakis pointed out that the flags along Main Street are changed at certain times of the year such as to promote the Watermelon Festival and to celebrate Christmas in the town. The university president replied they did not have a problem with that.

During the discussion, Peterson also said they would like to give Chowan shirts to businesses located along Main Street that could be worn on “Spirit Fridays” as a way to promote partnerships and support between the school and the town residents. He noted that idea came from a similar successful program at High Point University.

Though the Council did not officially vote on the matter because it was a work session meeting, Mayor Hal Thomas recognized a consensus from the Council for the university to proceed.