History remembered at Murfrees Landing

Published 8:30 am Monday, April 15, 2019

MURFREESBORO – A ceremony marking the site chosen for the establishment of the Town of Murfreesboro, NC will take place at the waterfront on Friday, April 19.

In November of 1786, a petition was presented to the General Assembly of North Carolina. This petition requested that a town site, in Hertford County, be chosen along the Meherrin River that would facilitate ease of commerce and travel for planters in the interior parts of the state.

The choices were narrowed down to two: Pitch Landing and Murfrees Landing. After visiting each site it was decided that Murfrees Landing was the better of the two.

The main reason Pitch Landing was not chosen was because a bar of land had formed and it appeared that, within a few years, that bar would entirely stop any access to Pitch Landing.

Murfrees Landing, however, was noted for its clean water, healthy environment and depth of water, which would allow vessels of any size to land.

The petition was signed by several hundred individuals and presented to the North Carolina General Assembly on September 13, 1786. Upon approval, William Murfree, Esquire, offered to sell 97 acres of his land for the purpose of establishing what became the Town of Murfreesboro.

This significant event will be commemorated by the unveiling of an historical marker at Murfrees Landing, in Murfreesboro, at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, April 19. The public is invited to attend this free celebration.

For more information, call Carole Farnham at 252-398-5922.