January is School Board Appreciation Month

Published 11:49 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

WINDSOR—This month, Bertie County Schools is joining with other districts across the state to recognize the important contribution school board members make to their communities.

“We benefit every day from the dedicated energies and countless hours devoted by our Board of Education members,” said Bertie County Schools Superintendent Dr. Catherine Edmonds. “These special people unselfishly contribute their time and talents toward improving the educational experience for our precious students.”

Edmonds added, “While we make a special extra effort every January to show our appreciation to the Board, we recognize and acknowledge that their contributions reflect a year-round commitment on each of their parts.”

This year, the Bertie County school district has a unique opportunity to honor two students selected and sworn in during the month of December, to serve as Junior School Board Member and Alternate Junior School Board Member. Respectively, they are: JaCoya’ Leary, an 11th grader at Bertie High School; and Haley Overton, an 11th grader at Bertie Early College High School.

“This innovation brings new opportunities—not only for the students but for the adults as well,” said Edmonds, “as we give our most important customers a voice and work together to address the needs of our students.”

“Together, we will work to positively impact what they learn, who will teach them and what kinds of facilities house their classrooms,” she added. “This is a huge responsibility, and we are asking all local citizens salute the Bertie County Board of Education, whose dedication and civic responsibility make public education possible in our communities.”

The citizens who were elected and who are currently serving Bertie County Schools are: Tarsha Dudley, Chair (with almost eight years of Board experience); Norman Cherry, Vice-Chair (now serving first full term on the board); Christine Dudley (now serving first term); Rickey Freeman (former board member, now serving with 12 total years of prior Board experience); and Bobby Occena (with almost eight years of Board experience).

During the Jan. 15 School Board meeting, administrators will express appreciation through sentiment, statements and special gifts—from themselves and our students—to say, “Thank you for caring about our children’s education.”

To learn more about the people who are on the BCS School Board, visit www.bertie.k12.nc.us and look for the special feature under the “News” section.