Man’s skull in Oct. train mishap found

Published 11:52 am Monday, January 7, 2019


REX, NC – The skull of a man whose body was found in Enfield in October was located in Robeson County last month.

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office reported in a statement the North Carolina Medical Examiners Office identified the remains as Vancy Locklear, a 24-year-old Pembroke man.

Locklear, according to the Enfield Police Department, had climbed on top of a cargo car on an Amtrak train.

Enfield police Captain Dreher Bozard said on Thursday of this week it was not clear where Locklear climbed on the train.

He did say when the train approached either a bridge or tunnel with low clearance the man’s head was struck.

Bozard said Locklear’s body remained on the flat top surface of the cargo car until it apparently became dislodged at the train switch in Enfield. Locklear’s body was located approximately 50 to 60 feet from the switch on October 30 at South East Railroad Street near Plant Street.

The Robeson County town of Rex, where his skull was found on Dec. 11 by a survey crew working by CSX tracks, is about 150 miles from Enfield.

Why Locklear climbed to the top of the car is unknown, although Bozard said the man was known for playing chicken with trains and at one point posted a video of himself engaging in the act on social media.

He has also been cited in the past for trespassing on CSX property. When his body was found in Enfield, a citation for trespassing was found among his possessions, although the one discovered was not related to being on railroad property. The citation did help identify him, Bozard said.

During the investigation police located the car he had climbed onto in Virginia, Bozard said.

(Lance Martin is the Editor and Publisher of Permission was granted to publish this story.)