Deputy resigns after DWI

Published 10:52 am Monday, December 17, 2018


JACKSON – A Northampton County deputy resigned on his own following a single-vehicle crash which resulted in DWI and other charges lodged against him by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol earlier this month.

The deputy, Christon Martin of Weldon, said the charges would not deter him in his Project Lift endeavors, an effort which over the past five to six years has served to mentor children in the community.

“I’m not above the law,” Martin said on Thursday of this week. “I’m being held responsible for my actions and that’s it. I apologize to my community. I’m remaining positive and there will be glory after this. This will not deter Project Lift.”

There have been rumors, social media posts and messages sent to tying Martin to a crash earlier this month in which a rollback was struck and two people were injured.

Trooper Lavern Bynum Jr. said Tuesday that Martin was not involved in the rollback crash, only the single vehicle crash which resulted in charges of DWI, reckless driving and open container being lodged against the former deputy. Bynum investigated both crashes and is still working with the Halifax County District Attorney’s Office to determine the charges to be filed in the rollback crash.

Martin’s single-vehicle crash occurred at the Little Deep Creek Road and Highway 158 intersection, west of Roanoke Rapids, shortly before 11:15 p.m. on December 1, according to Bynum’s report.

Bynum notes in the report Martin was traveling south on Little Deep Creek Road and traveled off the road straight ahead across both travel lanes of Highway 158 before his vehicle bottomed out on the embankment. The vehicle came to an uncontrolled rest off the roadway facing west.

But social media posts have falsely implicated Martin in the wreck involving the rollback.

“My name has been drug through the mud,” he said. “I forgive those people who defamed my name. I’m moving forward in a positive direction. There are people who dislike me. I don’t know what I’ve done to make people hate Chris Martin. All I’ve done is try to be good and support this community. While I own up to my mishap, I don’t deserve to be treated in this way.”

Martin said his entire mission for the past five to six years “was to uplift other people to overcome their struggles in their life. It’s an unfortunate situation for myself, but I hope another young person can learn from what I’ve been through and remain positive. All is well with me.”

Martin has conducted “Lift Day” events for children and adults over the past several years in Northampton and Halifax counties.

Northampton County Sheriff Jack Smith confirmed on Thursday that Martin resigned on his own on December 3.

According to the state court calendar, Martin has a January 14 court appearance in Halifax County.

(Lance Martin is the Editor and Publisher of Permission was received to publish this story.)