Cook…and they will come

Published 1:43 pm Monday, October 8, 2018


WOODLAND – The pleasing aroma of fresh fish, sizzling within a deep fryer, filled downtown Woodland on Sept. 29.

That sensory-pleasing smell could mean only one thing….the community-minded brethren of the Lost Riders Motorcycle Club were once again reaching out to help someone in need.

Club members hosted their fourth annual fundraiser to benefit Pine Forest Rest Home, an independently owned facility located in nearby Potecasi. The bikers traded their traditional bike-riding outfits for cooking aprons and rubber gloves as they filled plates with lip-smacking fried whiting filets, BBQ potatoes, string beans and bread in their efforts to satisfy huge appetites of those patronizing the fundraiser.

Meanwhile, club members were joined by 17 supporters (wives, children and others) to plate 35 meals and delivered them to Pine Forest Rest Home for residents and staff to enjoy for lunch.

Earlier in the day, the club’s 20′ x 40′ tent was pitched and set-up with eight-foot housing tables and chairs for dining and socializing. The tent has sides that can be used for rainy, cold or other inclement weather. There is even a window for pick-up.

Two hundred or more plates were sold on this picture- perfect early autumn day. Once the expenses were subtracted to cover the cost of the food items, the net proceeds were donated to Pine Forest Rest Home.

In just a few months from now, the Lost Riders Motorcycle Club will celebrate their fifth anniversary.

“They are some good boys,” said Dr. John Stanley, a longtime Woodland physician who had purchased several plates.

The “boys” (men) in the club are Johnny (Red) Davis President, William (Hotsy) Ayscue – Secretary, Charles (Tow Man) Timberlake – Treasurer, Roger (Trigger) Byrum – Road Captain, Joe (Smokey Joe) Vaughan – Sergeant at Arms, Jesse (Bus Boy) Nelson, and Neil Jones.

Davis said he designed his cooker – “meals on wheels” as he calls it – to rest on a 6′ x 16′ trailer to be pulled to fundraiser sites. This trailer is rigged with a pig cooker, deep fryer, griddle, and a grill, with two burners that can be used for cooking vegetables and/or Brunswick stew in 60, 80 or 100-gallon aluminum pots. It is also equipped to cook cakes, biscuits and other goodies. It is powered by six, 20 gallon tanks of propane.

The clubhouse is currently located at Hotsy of Woodland. Set up is quick when doing a fundraiser in Woodland.

The big hearts of these club members is not restricted to the local area.

Jones told about taking his sister a generator during Hurricane Florence’s fury. En route with the generator, he crossed over a creek and when he left 45 minutes later the creek had risen over the roadway and he was stranded for three days.

Additionally, Davis and Jones put the “meals on wheels” unit to good use during Florence’s aftermath. They served 300 hamburger and hot dog plates to hungry families, fire and rescue and law enforcement personnel. Also, Davis and his two sons took a couple of boats and chain saws to help cut trees so linemen could restore electrical power.

Ayscue’s zero turn lawnmower was used to mow neighbor’s lawns. They also weeded flower beds.

“This year we have had fundraisers and raffles for all kinds of folks with health issues including cancer, some terminal,” Byrum said.

“We have built wheelchair ramps for people,” he added. “The club buys and donates wheelchairs, both manual and electric. The electric ones get new batteries installed prior to donating them.”

They also receive wheelchairs that are donated. They make repairs as needed and then find worthy recipients.

They have donated three electric and four manual wheelchairs so far this year.

“We also have walkers, bedside commodes and walking canes, etc. to give to people in need,” Byrum continued.

The club’s upcoming project is to raffle off two flat screen TV s.

On the day following the Pine Forest Rest Home fundraiser, the hardworking brotherhood of bikers gathered to ride to the Outer Banks for some much needed relaxation. This time instead of cooking for others, they rounded out their day with a good meal at an Italian restaurant at the beach before heading home.