Social Workers make a difference

Published 11:06 am Tuesday, September 4, 2018

JACKSON – The Northampton County Department of Social Services is celebrating Sept. 20 as National Child Welfare Social Worker Recognition Day. This day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the essential work being done across the country by this dedicated group of social work professionals.

“Our child welfare social workers are out on the front lines every day,” said Shelia Manley-Evans, Northampton County Department of Social Services Director/Human Services Director. “Like our law enforcement, emergency services and other first responders, these staff answer calls for assistance at all hours and they are acutely aware that lives may be at risk as they respond. The unique aspect to this work however is that child welfare workers, while often among the first responders, are involved with children and families as a resource and support for as long as they are needed.”

Evans continued, “Child welfare social workers work to build relationships with families and help guide them through difficult family circumstances. Child welfare social workers help children heal from trauma and help parents create stable, nurturing environments where children can thrive. In situations where children need an adoptive home, child welfare workers help identify these permanent homes.

This day of recognition is a wonderful opportunity to thank a dedicated group of people who may often go unseen by the general public but whose work is critical to the future of our communities.”

On Sept. 20, Departments of Social Services across North Carolina will be holding events to recognize their child welfare social work staff. Many county agencies will view One Heart Can Make a Difference: Impacting Lives through Dynamic Service Excellence by Mark Anthony Garrett, a live virtual event hosted by the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) and the Children’s Bureau. Garrett will address how every person within the child welfare system has the power to be a difference maker when their heart is emotionally connected to the jobs they perform.

“Child welfare social workers help build strong, nurturing communities through their leadership and advocacy,” said Evans. “Our agency is grateful to have outstanding child welfare workers. We appreciate their dedication to the families in Northampton County and we want to take this day to thank them for all they do to help the children in our county have a brighter tomorrow.”

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