NCSO duo recognized for completing program as criminal investigators

Published 12:36 pm Monday, August 20, 2018

JACKSON – Lt. Alan Roye and Sgt. David Shephard of the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office have completed the criminal investigator program at Wilson Community College.

Both officers, each serving as detectives in the NCSO Criminal Investigations Division, were recognized for completing 364 hours of law enforcement criminal investigation training. Both men were awarded the criminal investigator specialist certificate.

Northampton County Sheriff Jack Smith commented that training is an essential asset in giving officers the required skills and knowledge needed to investigate crimes and is beneficial in enabling the officers to efficiently stay on top of crime.

“This agency will continue to send all officers to various trainings in the coming years as it is critical and essential with the constant technological changes,” Sheriff Smith stated. “This additional training for officers will help this agency better serve and protect the citizens of this county.

“I am so proud of Lt. Alan Roye and Sgt. David Shephard on their achievements and awards they have received. I commend their efforts, diligence, and pursuit of advanced education,” the Sheriff added.