Summer Enrichment Program held at Indian Woods Baptist Church

Published 12:00 pm Monday, August 6, 2018

WINDSOR – Each year, the Youth Department of Indian Woods Baptist Church offers a two-week Summer Enrichment Program, which includes an array classes and various activities. School-age youth from the community and surrounding areas are invited to attend.

Students are grouped by grade and participate in each class offered. One Bible principle is selected and presented as the theme. This year the theme was “The Twelve Disciples” taught by Viola Bond. Other teachers who supported the program included Judy Swain (Reading), Reba Carlton (Math), Venus Bond (Arts & Crafts), Minnie Outlaw (Etiquette), and Tyree Hyman who offered a computer class on Webpage Design. Earlean Outlaw and Terrie Williams worked with Kindergarten through Grade 2.

The program operated daily from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. and provided breakfast, lunch, and a snack.

Lloyd Cooper, Turner Rascoe, and Cathy Hyman provided transportation.

In addition, guest presenters shared their expertise with the group.

Chief Deputy Kenneth Perry of the Bertie Sheriff’s Office gave a demonstration using a drone and took area pictures of the group, as well as Detective Travis Askew who presented an interesting session on school behavior and bullying. This provoked a number of questions from the group.

Other local law enforcement officers were on hand to make sure students knew and regarded the police as friends.

Another presentation from Magistrate Willie Davis and the Bertie County EMS delighted the students as they got to see what the Ambulance Service is all about and what happens when you call 911. BCEMS personnel showed how to handle injuries and student learned how to wrap and support victims while on route to hospitals. A tour of the ambulance was the highlight of the visit.

Parents were invited to a pizza party and award ceremony on the last day of the program, an event that recognized students’ hard work. Each class did a presentation and certificated were presented.

Rev. David E. Moore, Jr., pastor, Youth Supervisor Cora King, and Program Director Gloria Outlaw would like to thank the agencies, parents, and other staff volunteers who continue to support the program each year. Special thanks to Carl Speller of Speller Enterprises who provided an extra special treat of ice cream at the end of a very warm day.