Dress for educational success

Published 10:47 am Thursday, August 2, 2018

WINDSOR—With the start of the 2018-19 academic year fast approaching, officials with Bertie County Public Schools are urging students, parents and guardians to familiarize themselves with the school system’s mandatory code of dress.

Under the auspice of Board Policy 4316, the elementary, middle and high schools have their own guidelines. And according to Antonio (Tony) Hoggard, assistant principal at Bertie High School/STEM Academy, “The policy at the high school will be strictly enforced this year.

“Many people do not know that the uniform policy goes into great detail,” he continued, “even when it comes down to the jewelry and headwear.

“It is very important for students to dress in the proper shirts and proper pants,” Hoggard said. “That is paramount. But it is also important to understand the guidelines for the following items as well: sweaters and sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, belts and socks and shoes.”

Hoggard said further that in particular, sliders, clogs and slippers will not be allowed. He said also that jeans are not permitted, nor are stretch pants or athletic joggers.

For ALL schools, bottom wear must be Navy blue, khaki or black.

For the high schools, shirts must be white, tan, black or navy blue.

At Bertie Middle School, shirts must be gold, burgundy or navy blue.

At the elementary schools, shirts must be: navy blue, yellow, gold, white and/or royal blue.

“The school administration thanks you in advance for your cooperation in dressing according to policy,” said Hoggard. “When the uniform policy is followed, distractions can be minimized, and student learning can be maximized.”

Bertie County Schools Superintendent Dr. Catherine Edmonds stated, “It is important to make sure that everyone understands the expectation from the start. That way, when issues arise, students and parents/guardians cannot say that they did not know the rules.”

For a complete description of the Bertie County Schools dress code guidelines, go to www.bertie.k12.nc.us and look under the “News” Items.

School dress codes may be found in the student handbooks, which will be distributed at the start of the 2018-2019 academic year.

The only difference in policy among the schools in Bertie County is the color of the uniform shirt(s). The remaining guidelines are the same for all. The dress code excerpt from the Bertie High School/STEM Academy Student Handbook follows, for your reference:


Dressing for Success: Uniform Regulations and Procedures

Uniforms are required for all students enrolled in Bertie County Schools. Each student’s uniform must fit properly, at the waist, above the hips; not be modified in any way; not allow for sagging, bagging, or dragging; and not have visible logos other than a Bertie County School logo.

Upon new enrollment during the school year, a student will have 10 school days in which to comply with the dress code (STUDENT DRESS CODE 4316). If parents cannot make an immediate purchase of the uniform, in the interim the student may use uniform items from the school’s uniform closet. By the 11th day, the student must be in compliance. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis by the administration.

The School’s Uniform Dress Code shall strive to achieve full compliance through use of incentives and positive reinforcement measures, and will resort to corrective action only when positive measures fail to ensure compliance. The intent of this policy is not to inhibit or prohibit any student who is not in uniform from receiving the education to which he or she is entitled. Also, the intent of this policy is not to suspend or expel a student from class or from school, or lower an academic grade as a result of not complying with the School’s Uniform Dress Code.

The administration reserves the right to prohibit a particular item of clothing or accessory if it is not specifically covered by this policy, but it is deemed to cause sufficient concerns regarding the appropriateness for the security of the school. If an item causes or may cause a disruption to the educational process, it will not be allowed.

The principal has the authority to administer discipline on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Appearance

Standard School Attire


High School: Solid white, solid tan, solid black or solid navy blue.

Students are expected to wear either long or short sleeved shirts with collars. Polos (3 buttons with full sleeves), Oxfords, and Peter Pan collared shirts are acceptable.

Shirts may not bear any insignias, slogans, pictures, diagrams, or any other adornment or writing.

Bertie County School’s logo will be permitted. Official school merchandise (i.e. spirit shirts) may be worn on selected days authorized by the principal.

Tee shirts, (same color as shirt) either long or short sleeves can be worn underneath the uniform shirt.

Shoulders and midriffs cannot be visible

Shirts must be TUCKED IN at all times. “Tucked in” means that belts are visible with the shirt neatly tucked inside of pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, or capris worn at the waist.


ALL SCHOOLS: Navy blue, khaki, black


Girls are expected to wear pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers or capris

All pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers, and capris must be worn at the waistline.

Shorts and skorts must have at least a 6 inch inseam. Shorts, skorts, and jumpers must be no more than 2 inches above the knee.

Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and capris must be worn at the waist above the hips.

Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and capris with belt loops must be worn with a belt that does not exceed 6 inches from the buckle when buckled.

Belt loops may not be cut off of pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or capris.

Designs on pockets are not permitted.

Excessive rolling or binding of pant legs is not allowed.

No baggy or TIGHT fitting pants are permissible. Tight fitting leggings/jeggings or any form-fitting garments are not permissible.

Undergarments should not be visible.


Boys are expected to wear pants or walking shorts.

Both must be worn at the waistline above the hips.

Pants must have no more than 6 pockets and must be worn at regular length.

Pants and shorts with belt loops must be worn with a belt.

Belt loops may not be cut off of pants or shorts.

Belts cannot exceed 6 inches in length from the buckle when buckled.

No baggy or TIGHT fitting pants are permissible. Undergarments should not be visible.

The following are not acceptable for girls or boys: denim, jeans, polyester/spandex clothing, athletic shorts/pants, cargo pants, pajama pants or wind suits; skirts with slits (long or short), torn seams or frayed hems, form-fitting garments, and suspenders.



If a student wishes to wear something over his or her uniform shirt, the following are the only items to be worn while in the building during school hours:

Sweaters and sweatshirts must be solid colors and be the same colors as the school shirt colors.

Sweaters or sweatshirts that are oversized and/or have emblems, logos, stripes, or designs are not acceptable.

Solid colored vests are allowed. Vests should be the same colors as the school shirt colors.

Bertie County School’s spirit wear (i.e. fleece, zippered, and hooded pullovers) will be allowed during the designated sport season (i.e. football hoodies during football season).

All other types of outerwear are to be removed at the beginning of the school day and remain off until the student is dismissed.


Jackets or coats can be worn as seasonably appropriate before school and after school. Jackets/coats cannot be worn in the classrooms without administrative approval.


Gloves can be worn as seasonably appropriate before school and after school.

Gloves cannot be worn in the classrooms.

Pull-on sleeves are not allowed while in uniform.


Plain black or plain brown belts with a standard belt buckle can be worn with the uniform.

Belts shall be worn through the belt loops.

Belts cannot exceed 6 inches in length from the buckle when buckled.

Initial belts, wrap belts, message/blinking belts, studded, decorative, chain, or oversized buckle belts are not permitted.

Belts must fit through all loops on a garment.


Socks must be black, white, navy blue, or brown only (all solid colors). Females may wear tights or hosiery under appropriate clothing.

Tights will be black, white, navy blue, or brown only (all solid colors).

Textured or fishnet hosiery/tights will not be allowed.


Students can wear athletic shoes, boots, or oxford style shoes.

Hard (or rubberized) sole shoes may be worn; heels should be no higher than approximately two inches.

Boots must be worn with the pant legs over the boots.

Students must wear the same color shoe on each foot.

No steel toed or heavy boots, open-heeled shoes, open-toe or open-heel sandals, flip-flops, bedroom slippers, or shower shoes are allowed.

Shoestrings and shoe straps must be attached and worn properly.


Conservative jewelry is acceptable for all students while in uniform. Jewelry should be worn in moderation. Jewelry can be worn within the following guidelines:

Only one necklace may be worn while in uniform.

Chains worn around the neck, large metal necklaces, or wallet chains are not allowed.

Pendants on necklaces can be worn however oversized pendants cannot be worn.

Oversized earrings are not acceptable.


The use of costume dental ware (i.e. plastic teeth), gold, platinum, or other veneers or caps for purposes of ornamentation are not allowed.


Prescription glasses that tint in the sun are allowed.

Sunglasses are not allowed in the school building.

They are not to be worn on the top of heads or visible hanging out of pockets.


Undergarments (i.e. lace undershirts) may not be visible through the uniform.


Caps, hats and hoods on sweatshirts are allowed, but must be removed prior to entering a building.

Stocking caps, doo rags, or other head coverings, including bandanas and doobie wraps, are not allowed.

Combs, picks, brushes, rags and scarves are inappropriate and will be confiscated if worn.

Females may wear hair accessories such as ponytail holders and scrunches.