One smile can warm many hearts

Published 11:45 am Tuesday, June 19, 2018

To the Editor:

Those of you who really know me realize that I am Spiritual, that I try to meditate with the Creator and that Spirit does indeed let me know when to do some things or not. This feeling and message that I need to send out has been gnawing away at me for some time so here it is.

There are numerous people with whom my path in life and theirs have crossed and left an outstanding impression on my soul and in my heart. This applies to a neighbor who not so long ago left this world as we know it. Her name is Kathleen Evans.

Kathleen had a beam of light from within that just couldn’t be put out. Her light was always shining and it was obvious whenever you would see her. Nothing phony, always sincere especially when asking about you and/or your kids, “How are they?” ”What are they doing?” But it was always that contagious smile that would warm your being and you just felt that she was happy to be where she was.

I cannot help but feel the corners of my mouth curl into a smile when I pass Ellis Evans’ house because the two of them as local business owners for many, many years always made the folks who came in feel like family, all ethnics, all ages, all socioeconomics, etc.

And, yes, Ellis was the same way that Kathleen was about greeting you, but there was always something about her that really made you feel glad that you had come in that day.

Kathleen was a very genuine soul and, as I said before, I believe that this was really who she was here while we were to share her Spirit.

My thoughts of her I hope will cause you to remember that smile that warmed us all so much. So, in this time of our world being so torn apart by who knows what, please remember that a smile is the one thing that when given away you most always get back.

Be kind to one another and if you too, knew her as I did, just think real softly, smile again for me, Kathleen.

Lynn Johnson