Chowan hosts Riverview Elementary students for College and Career Day

Published 9:43 am Monday, May 7, 2018

MURFREESBORO – Riverview Elementary School (RES) students (Pre-K through 5th grade) attended a College & Career Day at Chowan University on April 11. The educational program was held in the Helms Center on the Chowan campus.

Various academic departments set up stations with activities for RES students to participate in, to include math, English, science, social studies, music, education, and health.

These photos show the educational and recreational activities enjoyed by students at Riverview Elementary School in Murfreesboro during a College and Career Day event they attended at Chowan University on April 11. | Contributed Photos

RES students participated in stimulating activities such as mini-bowling, bag toss, Duck-Duck-Goose, frisbee, storytelling and singing. These activities were planned and ran by Chowan University staff as well as student volunteers. The activities were related to the various academic areas and all emphasized the value of getting a good education.

RES staff and students had a wonderful time at College & Career Day. The Chowan University staff and student volunteers worked extremely hard to provide Riverview students with a day of valuable educational experiences.

Riverview Elementary would like to thank Chowan University, Dr. Brenda Tinkham, Professor, Tim Hayes, and Caroline Stephenson as well as the various academic departments of Chowan University for taking the time to put together such an excellent day for local students.

“The kids got to be exposed to all the things that Chowan has to offer,” said Lee Johnson, RES 4th grade teacher.

“Great job! The event was very organized and well put together,” stated Brittany Jenkins, RES staff member.

“This was a great idea for students to come and have a good time before end of year testing,” noted Alicia Myrick-Fennell, RES 3rd Grade teacher.

“Magnificent…this was a remarkable experience for all our students. We enjoyed being together as a group,” said Joan Eley, RES staff member.

“Chowan University has been truly instrumental in helping our students to develop College and Career readiness skills. We truly appreciate their support of Riverview Elementary School,” remarked Terrell Fennell Deloatch, RES Assistant Principal.

“We’re so excited to have Riverview students interacting with Chowan University students. They’ve had great fun and learned a lot. This is something we definitely want to do again in the future,” stated Caroline Stephenson, Chowan University staff member.

Riverview students expressed their delight in the event.

“I think Chowan University was fun. We learned about imagination,” said Courtney Sexton, a 4th grader.

“I love Chowan University. It was educational. A man taught us how scientists learn math. A lady showed us how to make a rhythm to songs,” Ty’Quan Brooks, a 4th grader, said about his experience.

“The trip taught us a lot of stuff like getting an education, talking about college, and more stuff. It was amazing and fun,” stressed 4th grader Anahi Rizo.

“I thought the field trip to Chowan was cool because I liked the stations and the games; especially when we learned about seizing opportunities,” said Dariauna Everette, a 3rd grade student.

“What I liked about the field trip was the stations. I liked bowling and playing duck-duck-goose,” stated another 3rd grader, Eden Valentine.