Water shortage plan approved

Published 9:48 am Monday, April 23, 2018

MURFREESBORO – During the last Murfreesboro Town Council meeting in March, Wastewater Treatment Director Raymond Eaton submitted a resolution to the Council for them to consider. Having time to look over it, they made a decision on it during their regular meeting here April 11.

The resolution was an updated version of the town’s Water Shortage Response Plan. The plan detailed how the town will deal with a lack of water should the situation ever arise.

Five stages of response are outlined in the plan. These stages are voluntary reductions, mandatory reductions (I), mandatory reductions (II), emergency reductions, and water rationing. Each level restricts the usage of water depending on the severity of the situation. Drought surcharges will be put into effect for the last three stages.

Penalties for violating water restrictions while they are in effect range from different fines to a discontinuation of service. During both mandatory reductions stages, the first violation brings a warning, the second a $250 fine, and the third warrants a discontinuation of service.

For the last two most severe stages, service will be discontinued after the second violation. The first violation carries a $250 fine during emergency reductions and a $500 fine if the town is in the water rationing stage.

There are no penalties for violating voluntary reductions.

Mayor Hal Thomas thanked Eaton for getting the information together and asked if there were any comments he’d like to make.

Eaton replied that he thought the plan was pretty straightforward, and he was “trying to stay ahead of the game” by submitting it before the June 1 deadline.

According to the document, the water shortage response plan is required to be reviewed and revised as needed at a minimum of every five years.

Council member Sarah Wallace motioned to approve the resolution, and Bill Theodorakis seconded. The vote passed unanimously without any further discussion from the Council.