Health Dept. saves money by changing accountant

Published 10:55 am Thursday, April 5, 2018

JACKSON – The Northampton Board of Commissioners approved a contract here Monday to help the county’s health department save some money. Andy Smith, the Health Department Director, presented information about the proposed contract switch before the Commissioners made their decision during the regular meeting.

The request asked for Board approval to switch from the current accounting firm that prepares the health department’s annual Home Health Medicare Cost Report to a different firm, saving the county over $5,000 per year to complete the required report.

These savings, Smith explained, will allow the county’s Home Health Program to decrease operation costs and increase profit margins.

“We always look at how we can save money and be more efficient,” Smith explained before detailing the benefits of the switch. “We can cut our cost by over 60 percent and get a more tailored service for our needs and more individualized attention.”

The new firm, he noted, had more experience dealing with the kind of work the health department required. Smith also reported the department’s Board of Health recommended the switch as well.

The Commissioners had no questions about the information. Commissioner Charles Tyner motioned to approve the recommendation and Vice-Chair Fannie Greene seconded it.

Before the vote, Chairman Robert Carter commented in support of the decision, saying, “we will be able to save roughly $5,000 and probably receive better service through this agreement. Anytime we can save some money, that’s what the members of this board should be seeking.”

The Board voted unanimously to approve the new contract which will go into effect on May 2.