Bertie civic group honors ‘Shining Stars’

Published 8:49 am Thursday, December 28, 2017

COLERAIN – Despite the bitter cold December chill on an overcast evening, Saturday, Dec. 9, some sparkling stars were shining bright as Reaching the Masses Entertainment held its inaugural Shining Stars Awards ceremony at the Bishop Thomas E. Lee Enrichment Center’s Retha B. White Gala Room, Greater Wynns Grove Baptist Church in Colerain.

“This was nothing short of a wholesome experience,” said Event Coordinator and Mistress of Ceremonies, Pamela Chamblee, who kept the attendees entertained as she recognized individuals whose commitment to service extends beyond the norm. “This was an evening of highly anticipated excitement, coupled with holiday cheer.”

Over 300 people from various Bertie County communities, churches and civic organizations gathered to witness 35 stars being honored for what the organizers called allowing their lights to shine in other people’s lives.

Earlier, nominees had received letters informing them of the event for which they were nominated.

Former elected representatives, educators, health care providers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, dialysis and cancer survivors, athletic associates, and scholarship fundraisers, were all recognized as fundraising advocates.

“Many of these honorees have been noted for grander contributions, such as Norman Cherry, Sr. for his past leadership as a Bertie County Commissioner, or Dr. Steven Ferguson’s for his Powellsville geriatric medical practice, or Greater Wynn’s Grove Church’s Community Harvest that serves approximately 1000 people,” said Chamblee.

Reaching The Masses, the event sponsor, focused on the smaller deeds, the random acts of kindness that help communities grow stronger, especially minority cultures.

Former Bertie County Commissioner and community activist, Patricia Ferguson, who is spear-heading the Bertie County Commission on Poverty – an initiative slated to launch in 2018 – expounded on these acts of charity and benevolence as the evening’s guest speaker.

The affair ended with a musical Christian drama, “The Old Ship of Zion”, directed by local musician Bruce Watford.

“The entire evening was exemplary and entertaining with an exuberant air of excellence,” Chamblee concluded.