Thanksgiving tradition returns to Riverview Elementary

Published 9:32 am Monday, November 27, 2017

MURFREESBORO – Riverview Elementary held a Family Feast here Nov. 16 to celebrate the holiday season. This event brought back a school tradition that incorporated the local community and allowed for fellowship among staff, students, parents and numerous community members.

The RES Cafeteria staff worked diligently to prepare the delicious meal for attendees. Lunch and various desserts were provided and served by the RES Elective staff. The cafeteria was decorated festively, and many laughs were shared.

Smiles were abundant on Nov. 16 at Riverview Elementary School in Murfreesboro where students, staff, parents and community members were treated to a Thanksgiving Family Feast. Contributed Photo

Leading the way was Craig Dennis who helped bring this awesome tradition back to Riverview. It was a team effort as all RES staff contributed. This includes slicing desserts, serving food, decorating and cleaning up.

In total, over 500 people were served a turkey lunch with all the fixins.

RES Principal Mr. Ford stated, “We genuinely care about our community and want all stakeholders to embrace our vision of community and school togetherness. We at Riverview, would like to thank everyone for their participation.”

The event also sparked responses from students, staff, and community members.

“I am very pleased with the idea to have the Family Feast, and I am thrilled with the turnout of families coming to spend time at Riverview with their students, said Mitch Radford, PTO President at Riverview Elementary. “This is a critical step in showing our children we support them, and in bringing about togetherness at the school. We can do great things if we come together.”

RES Assistant Principal Terrell Deloatch stated, “We sincerely appreciate the participation and love of all families during the Family Feast and would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving”

Craig Dennis, RES Art Teacher, said, “I was glad to see the tradition come back to Riverview. It was nice to see a day where the community and school were sitting down to enjoy a meal together.”

“The Cafeteria Staff enjoyed preparing the food for the Family Feast. It made us happy to see the kids smile when they came in with their parents,” noted RES Cafeteria Manager Charmaine Lassiter.

Parents of RES students were also pleased with the event.

“We had a great feast and our family truly enjoyed it,” remarked Juanita Bowser.

“I really enjoyed the Family Feast at Riverview Elementary. It was a time for praying, eating and Thanksgiving,” said Sheila Staten.

“I really enjoyed the feast last week….food, family and friends,” exclaimed Donta Everette.

RES students also enjoyed this special time of fellowship and giving thanks.

“The feast was exciting. The food tasted great. There were lots of family members for lots of students,” stated 5th grader Karae’ Alfred.

Jameilya Lewis, also a 5th grader, remarked, “The feast was fun, and exciting. We had turkey and desserts that were delicious.”

Fellow 5th grader Justin Demary said, “We had a good feast. The feast was fun. It was about having your family members out there and having a good time. I really enjoyed all the families there.”

“This was such a good feast. I love how we got a day at school to eat with parents. I want to thank all the teachers and staff for bringing desserts. Thank you to the lunch ladies for taking time to make all the turkey and stuff. Thanks everybody,” stated 4th grader Madilyn Strickland.

Montee Joyner, also in the 4th grade, remarked, “At the feast we had cake, pies, and cookies. We had a good time and I thank the teachers and everybody.”