Sandy Branch Baptist Church honors service members of the Armed Forces

Published 10:41 am Monday, November 20, 2017

ROXOBEL – Sandy Branch Missionary Baptist Church, located at 4318 Governors Road, sponsored its salute, “Proudly, They Served …”, to veterans and military service members on Oct. 29.

Minister Ashley S. Bradley of Cedar Landing Baptist Church presided over the service of nearly 100 individuals from various Armed Forces being honored.

The Northampton County Honor Guard gave the presentation of colors. The occasion, lighting of memorial candles, roll call of deceased service members, and a presentation of certificates were delivered by church members and servicemen.

Music was provided by the United Women of Praise of Elizabeth City. The 86 member choir is comprised of female singers from 23 counties within North Carolina.

Military honorees, Judge Alfred W. Kwasikpui (Retired) and Rev. Gloria Savage-Early of Abundant Harvest Worship Center, Gloucester Point, VA, served as the guest speakers.

Souvenir books – featuring the honorees and their accomplishments and patriotic gift bags were issued to the service members or family.

At the conclusion of the ceremony the honorees and the entire church family dined on fish, shrimp, baked and fried chicken, string beans, potato salad, greens, dirty rice, sweet potato casserole, hushpuppies, assorted cakes, and beverages prepared by Off the Hook: Seafood & Chicken of Greensboro.

Interim pastor, Rev. W. Rob Lewis, II and the church family is grateful for the overwhelming support and gratitude shown toward to the veterans and service members.

The honorees included the following:

Lionel Askew, US Air Force, 20 Years; Michael Baldwin, US Navy, 6 Years; Roy T. Barnes, US Navy, 22 Years; Tracy Bazemore, US Army & National Guard, 8 Years; TyKevis T. Bazemore, National Guard, January 2013– Present; Ricky Bishop, Sr., US Army, 5 Years; Brian Carroll, US Navy, 4 Years; Gregory Carroll, US Navy, 4 Years; Eugene Carruthers, US Army, 8 Years; *Leon Carruthers, US Army, World War II Veteran, 4 Years; Edward N. Casper, US Air Force, 4 Years; *James Roys Casper, Sr., US Army, 2 Years; Melvin Casper, US Army, 2 Years; Herculeigh Charles, Jr., US Army, 3 Years; Herculeigh Charles, Sr., US Army, 2 Years; Clarence Cherry, Jr., US Army, 13 Years; Dexter Cherry, US Army, 21 Years; Dy’Asiza Cherry, US Army Reserve, 2015– Present; Broderick R. Cumbo, US Army, 4 Years; *Jackson B. Cumbo, Sr., US Army, 2 Years; *Linwood R. Cumbo, US Army, 1 year, Killed in Action; Marion C. Cumbo, US Navy, 7 Years; *Daryll Dukes, US Marine Corps, 2 Years: *Larry Dukes, US Army, 4 Years; Wilbert Early, Jr., US Air Force, 30 Years; Richard W. Edwards, US Army, 4 Years; Sherman Freeman, US Army, 20 Years; Kenneth A. Foster, US Air Force, 25.25 Years; Mona Foster–Johnson, US Army, 4 Years; Thomas Gorham, US Air Force, 5 Years; Windell Gorham, US Marine Corps, 9 Years; Moses Graham, Jr., US Army, 2 Years; Eric Gray, US Army, 9 Years; *Allen Ray Hardy, US Marine Corps; Jimmy Hardy, US Army, 4 Years; Rev. Dr. Lowell Nelson Hardy, US Marine Corps & US Air Force Reserve; William E. Hargett, Jr., US Navy, 2.25 Years; *James R. Harrell, US Marine Corps & National Guard, 6 Years; Vinson Harrell, US Marine Corps, 16.5 Years, 2001 – Present; Larry Jacobs, US Army, 30 Years; John C. James, US Army, 2 Years; Michael A. Johnson, Sr., US Army, 10 Years; Alfred W. Kwasikpui, US Army, 3 Years; Linwood E. Lane, US Army, 4 Years; John Edward Law, US Army, 2 Years; *Albert R. Lee, US Marine Corps, 4 years; George C. Lee, Sr., US Army, 2 Years; *George Whitman Lee, US Army, World War II Veteran; James R. Moodie, US Air Force, 1 Year; Calvin R. Moore, Sr. US Army, 30 Years; *John Morgan, US Navy, 4 Years; Brittney Myrick, US Army, 2010 – present; Monica W. Myrick, US Army, 4 Years; Kenneth Parham, US Navy; Wilbert Perry, US Army, 3 Years; Alexander Peterson, US Army, 22.5 Years; Daniel Prigmore, US Army, 2009 – Present; Jasper Raynor, US Army, 3.25 years & US National Guard, 18 Years; John A. Riddick, US Army, 2 Years; Gloria Savage-Early, US Air Force, 20 Years; Thomas Savage, Jr., US Air Force, 9 Years; Aaron Shambley, US Army, 20 Years; David Shambley, US Army, 24 Years; Eric W. Shambley, U S Army, 5 Years; Ernest Shambley, US Air Force, 15 Years; Jack Smith, US Marine Corps, 2 Years; Yolanda C. Smith, US Army, 10 Years; Charles C. Snead, US Air Force, 23 Years; Andre’ Spruill, Sr., US Army, 4 Years; Broderick Spruill, US Air Force, 8 Years; Carlos Spruill, US Army & Army Reserve, 32 Years; Edwin “Lato” Spruill, US Army, 4 Years; Harold R. Spruill, US Air Force, 4 Years; *James Edward Spruill, US Army, 3 Years;*James Vinston Spruill, US Coast Guard; PFC Khari A. Spruill, US Army, February 2016 – Present; Melvin Spruill, US Air Force, 4 Years; Michael Spruill, US Army, 20 Years; *Miguel Spruill, US Army, 20 Years; * Patrick J. Spruill, US National Guard, 6 Years; Ryan Spruill, South Carolina Air National Guard, 6 Years; Wayne D. Spruill, US Army, 3 Years; Andrew V. Stancell, US Army, 6 Years; Mabel S. Taylor, US Army, Nurse Corps, 3 Years; Eddie Thomas, US Army, 21 Years; Gwenette Spruill Thomas, US Army, 8 Years; Iccie Walden, US Marine Corps, 4 Years; *George S. Walton, US Army, 1 year, Killed in Action; Warren Walton, US Army, 4 Years; Monica Ward, US Army, 8 Years; Ciscero Warren, Jr., US Air Force, US Army, & US Army Reserve, 24 Years; Ciscero Warren, III, December 2015 – Present; Kristal Washington, US Navy, April 2000 – Present; Christopher Watson, US Army, 3 Years; David B. Wiggins, Sr., US Marine Corps, 3 Years; *Rev. James R. Wiggins, US Navy, 2 Years; George W. Williams, US Army & Reserve, 6 Years; and Barry J. Willoughby, US Army & National Guard, 26.5 Years.

(* means deceased)