Barlowe serves as first Chowan University Admissions intern

Published 9:41 am Thursday, September 28, 2017

By Amanda Bradshaw Sharpe
University Relations

MURFREESBORO – Shelby Barlowe of Marion, NC, a Chowan University student currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications program, serves as the first intern for Admissions at Chowan University. She is a senior who transferred to Chowan in 2016 with an Associates of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design from McDowell Technical Community College.

As part of graduation requirements for the Graphics Department, Barlowe is required to complete 12-15 weeks of an internship, however, she will continue her summer internship through the 2017-2018 academic year. Barlowe will focus on external and internal marketing, as well as website management.

Kim Sherman Bailey, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management, is supervising Barlowe.

Shelby Barlowe is shown at the Chowan University Involvement Fair.

“We were looking for a young mind, someone who will have fresh, creative ideas to market to our students,” Bailey states as she expresses her appreciation for creative differences.

Barlowe will complete an array of different tasks from design work, ads, and fliers over the summer, to photography, website management, postcards, emails, and social media campaigns in the fall.

Barlowe said, “I was really excited to find out about the internship.”

Around the same time Barlowe began to research internship opportunities, the Admissions Office created theirs, and it was a perfect match.

Barlowe said this type of internship is very helpful, although it’s not production experience.

“It’s more than I was expecting but in a different way. I have gained a lot of marketing and managerial skills,” she remarked.

Barlowe explains that learning the process behind printing helps her develop a more holistic view of the field.

“I really like contributing and working on speed of design. It allows me to expand a foundation of what I know, which provides me with more options,” said Barlowe, adding that this knowledge is a necessity for success in the print field, although not an actual requirement.

Bailey says, “The purpose of the internship is not only to have Shelby help me, but my goal is to help her.”

Bailey wants her to develop the skills she needs for her future career through hands on experience. If there is something particular Barlowe is interested in, Bailey looks for creative ways to make it a part of Barlowe’s experience. For instance, they will both learn html- which is a new territory. Bailey is committed to tailor the experience to the student.


Networking is another major advantage to Barlowe’s internship. She has already had the opportunity to meet with the owner of New Reach Media, a Texas based engagement marketing company for small colleges, and finds these types of interactions to be of great value. Due to the structure of the internship, Barlowe can essentially design the work, and then go over to Chowan’s graphics office and assist hands on with printing. She can see the process through entirely. Barlowe explains, “There can be a disconnect if the designer doesn’t understand the production process.”

After graduation Barlowe would like to land a job in customer service at a print production company where she can continue to learn more about different departments as she gets her foot in the door. This internship, will serve as the first big job Barlowe can add to her resume.

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