‘Love on a Leash’

Published 10:36 am Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WINDSOR – Vidant Bertie Hospital announces the implementation of a canine visitation and therapy program called Love on a Leash (LOL) that will be used in several departments of the facility.

The program will be in accordance with policies and procedures established by Vidant Health and Vidant Bertie Hospital. 

Interested persons who wish to apply for participation in the program must satisfy the following requirements:

Become a member of the Vidant Bertie Hospital volunteer organization by completing an application and attending a volunteer orientation after being cleared via Human Resources and Occupational Health. Further information about the volunteer program may be obtained from Kelly Cross, Manager of Vidant Bertie and Vidant Chowan Hospitals Volunteer Services (252) 482-6270).

Submit an application for the Canine Visitation Program.   

Submit the following additional forms or information for canine:  annual Health Screening Form – to be completed by veterinarian; animal Visit Health Screening Form – to be completed by owner/handler within 48 hours prior to initial visit and each subsequent visit; and proof of successful completion of the American Kennel Club “Canine Good Citizen” program.  The test is $25 and is administered Rachel Lincoln.  She can be reached at 252-297-2222 or redmoose@msn.com.

Once a handler/owner and canine are accepted for participation in the program, Vidant Health will provide the owner/handler with an identification badge and volunteer uniform that must be worn at all times while visitation/therapy is in progress. Vidant Bertie will also provide a special identification badge –which must be worn by the canine at all times while visitation/therapy is in progress. 

Canines must be at least six months old to participate in the program.

Canines must be re-certified every two years through the AKC “Canine Good Citizen” program. 

Questions or requests for further information about the program may be directed to Kelly Cross (telephone number listed above).