Garbage all around us; time to act!

Published 12:20 pm Tuesday, July 25, 2017

To the Editor:

I recently tried to address our county officials of an on-going issue of waste being thrown by our roadsides, which has an affect on our community and environment.

On behalf of my neighborhood, we would like to express our concern and disappointment. Garbage left on the road sides pose health hazards; it’s unattractive; it’s smelly (odor); and causes some environmental issues.

I feel this matter could be resolved if we had the combined effort of our County Commissioners, which was promised at a board meeting in April that I attended to express concern of the problem.

Officials need to step up and offer a solution to this problem and take the matter seriously. It’s “our” community; not just my community.

I really hope that the Commissioners of Hertford County will give some serious attention to this problem and will take immediate action.

  1. R. A. S. H…. The Roads Always Suffer Here!

Seen, but not cleaned!

Marion Moore