Cofield Recreation Center presents ‘The Uncommon Seed’

Published 10:46 am Monday, July 17, 2017

COFIELD – Cofield Mayor Darryl Partlow and Cofield Town Clerk Barbara Archer, along with members of the Town Council, are being praised for envisioning a center to cultivate the young minds from the town.

A five-week camp provided an opportunity for local youngers to embrace innovation and become one with greatness.

Each day is filled with opportunities for them to invest in thoughts to develop their young minds.

According to Sean Covey’s book, Habits of Successful Teens, the camp participants were encouraged to develop a mission statement that can be used to drive them towards their destiny. The students that were present participated in writing their mission statements; a sampling of which follows;

“Nothing less, make your shot count, young, gifted and brave, or striving for the best and nothing less.”

Keith B. Urquhart, Director of the Cofield Recreation Center, along with Carolyn Bond, the Assistant Director, have plans for the youth to do a skit as part of the camp’s closing finale. Keep your eyes opened for the youth that started out in a village to succumb to a thriving town.

One of the camp’s youngest students, Senecre Gatling, said, “If you think right, you can do anything.”

Urquhart and Bond also offered thanks to the Bearfield Primary School’s cafeteria staff, under the leadership of Quishandra Hill, for their excellent service of breakfast and lunch during the camp.