Outpouring of art

Published 10:15 am Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MURFREESBORO – Following their inaugural art show from April to June featuring the photography art of Watson Brown, Revelle Realty is now hosting another one, once again giving light to local artists.

The works of the late Doug and Molly Eubank are available for people to see inside the realty office located at 129 East Main Street in Murfreesboro until the beginning of September. Doug Eubank was an art teacher at Chowan University for more than 30 years. His wife Molly, Murfreesboro’s former Town Administrator, loved to create art as well.

An opening reception for the show was held on Friday, July 7 and the late couple’s sons, Lance and Tadd, were in attendance to talk about their parents’ art.

“All of this is sentimental,” Lance said of the works they brought to display.

The Eubank art lines the walls and rests in the oak cabinets of the refurbished old building. The subjects of both Doug and Molly’s art are not too abstract—they feature a lot of still life drawings of trees, bottles, and fruit.

They liked to draw whatever was on the kitchen table, Lance explained with a laugh.

The colors of the artwork are vibrant and eye-catching, enough to draw anyone into looking more closely at the details of each piece.

“He made it simple but unique,” Lance said, gesturing to one of his father’s pieces drawn with a china marker, a drawing utensil similar to a colored pencil.

There are fewer pieces of Molly’s work mixed among the display, but her art is no less stunning than her husband’s. A few of her pieces were done with simply a black pen on white paper, creating something as elaborate as an outdoor spiral staircase surrounded by ivy with only the use of the ink pen.

Her penmanship was excellent, Tadd added as a sidenote while he talked about the piece.

A variety of Doug’s pottery work is on display as well. Lance explained that his dad’s earlier pieces were simple things like sugar bowls and honey pots; things they actually used in their kitchen.

Later, Doug expanded to focusing on teapots, usually made of porcelain. Most of them were more ornamental pieces than practical ones. The teapots come in colors like purple, teal, gold, and brown, always with an interesting design adorning the sides. Some are more striking because of how narrow they are compared to typical teapots.

Other works on display are a few large canvasses and a couple of drawings done on recycled paper Doug made himself. Additionally, there are a few works on display from Doug’s children’s book entitled The Rainbow Forest. The book full of beautifully bright trees is available for purchase for $5.

Both the sons talked about how special the artwork was to them, even mentioning the care it took to move the work to display. The majority of the art is not for sale, but they did agree to participate in the art show so that they could share the art for others to see.

The proceeds from the few select pieces that are for sale, however, will go to the Elizabeth S. Parker Memorial Library in Murfreesboro.

For people interested in viewing the art work, Revelle Realty is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., as well as by chance or by appointment. For more information, you can contact Elicia Revelle at 252-396-1244.

Everyone is encouraged to stop by and see the legacy left behind by Doug and Molly Eubank.