Local teen gains final found in All-American Kyokushin Karate International Championships

Published 10:09 am Monday, July 10, 2017

NEW YORK, NY – Christian Buffaloe, a local Kyokushin Karate fighter, recently competed in the 2017 All American Kyokushin Karate International Championships in New York City on June 24.

This prestigious annual event is sponsored and organized by the International Kyokushin Karate Organization in Tokyo, Japan and featured fighters from Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia ,Greece, and France.

This Kyokushin tournament is very different from other karate and martial arts competitions. Competitors are only allowed to enter after being evaluated by top officials in the Kyokushin organization based on their actual Kumite (Fighting) ability.

Christian Buffaloe (center), 17-year-old local Kyokushin Karate competitor, captured 2nd place in the Teen Youth Division (ages16 – 17) at the 2017 Kyokushin All American International Championships held June 24 in New York. Buffaloe is shown here with Kancho Shokei Matsui (center), President of the International Kyokushin Karate Organization in Tokyo, Japan. Kenny Buffaloe, Christian’s father/coach, stands at far right. | Contributed Photo

This tournament is a qualifying event to compete in the International Kyokushin Karate Friendship Championships in Tokyo, Japan in April, 2018.

The matches in these competitions are fought under the Kyokushin full contact, knockdown rules, not the light touch, point system rules used by the other karate styles. In Kyokushin competitions, a fighter has to clearly show his superiority in order to win a match, which usually ends in a knock out, two knockdowns, or one competitor is unable to continue.

Christian Buffaloe fought in the very tough and competitive teen youth division (ages 16 – 17) of the 2017 All American Kyokushin Karate International Championships, working his way up into the Finals where he faced a strong European champion competitor from the Ukraine who was 40 pounds heavier and nine inches taller. After the match began, the larger Ukranian fighter pressed forward with a strong, aggressive attack style trying to knockout Buffaloe early. Buffaloe fought back strongly with many combinations and refused to surrender to his larger opponent.

With only seconds left on the clock, Buffaloe threw a Jodan Mawashi-Geri (High Round Kick) that was countered by the Ukrainian with a high kick to Buffaloe’s face that was a half point.

Buffaloe gained 2nd place in this prestigious championship and ends a nine-year career as a Kyokushin youth competitor.

Buffaloe is a seven-time Kyokushin Karate knockdown youth champion since first competing in 2008. Buffaloe was the most consistent American competitor, fighting in 19 Kyokushin international championship tournaments in the USA and four world championships in Japan over that nine-year period.

Kenny Buffaloe, local Kyokushin instructor and Christian Buffaloe’s father/coach commented, “Christian trained very hard under me for this last international Kyokushin championship for two and one-half months. I focused on Christian’s on technique, power, speed, stamina, and conditioning to be able to fight larger, stronger, and more seasoned opponents. Christian always gains valuable fighting experience in all these international championships helping him to grow and develop. We are very grateful to Kancho Matsui, Shihan Gorai, and the International Kyokushin Karate Organization for offering Christian these great training and fighting opportunities. We are very isolated here in rural North Carolina, so Christian’s successes and achievements are so much more significant and meaningful. This was Christian’s last tournament as a youth competitor and we are not sure about his participation in the future. We are very grateful and humbled by the support and encouragement we have received locally over the years.”

The 2017 All American Kyokushin Karate International Championships was covered by FUJI-TV, Japan’s number #1 cable T.V. network and will be shown on national Japanese television next week and later posted online.

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